About Kemimoto

Five riding enthusiasts founded Kemimoto. It all started with a misaligned bolt. One early spring in 2012, they bought pairs of spotlight side mirrors for the weekly riding party, but unfortunately, the bolts couldn’t fit. It was a conundrum: riding without the newly expensive spotlights would be a pity, but installing them would mean missing out on Friday night. Nobody wants pity, so they postponed their original plan and drove over 50 miles to nowhere but a warehouse to get bolts. A tiny bolt ruined a riding feast night. From then on, they decided to change the status quo.

After one year of hard work, the KEMIMOTO team created the first UTV rearview mirror in 2013. It is designed for easy installation, so the rider can do so in a matter of minutes without purchasing any additional parts, eliminating the need for a long and inconvenient journey just to acquire a few small bolts.For a decade, the KEMIMOTO team has been dedicated to enhancing the usability of accessories and empowering riders to fulfill their dreams, and developing products based on the original models. From UTVs to motorcycles to boats, KEMIMOTO has helped a wide range of riders—the passion for convenience, quality, and affordable vehicle accessories hasn't waned over the years.

At KEMIMOTO, we understand that every rider values their vehicle and every ride is an opportunity for enjoyment. Our team has grown from 5 people to 500, but we remain committed to our original purpose of helping people achieve their dreams. We believe that with love and perseverance, any dream can be realized, no matter how big or small.

Product Innovation & Quality

At Kemimoto, we combine the expertise of our different backgrounds to design and manufacture our quality products. We are a team where creative designers work hand in hand with structural engineers to ensure that every aspect of our products can exceed your expectations. We are passionate about what we do, but we are also fast. We can turn an idea into a product prototype within a few days.

We believe customer feedback is essential to improve our products. That's why we cooperate with a team of experienced UTV riders to gather their reviews and improve our products through their suggestions.

You are invited to share your suggestions with us at any time. Your sincere feedback is what makes Kemimoto grow!

SEMA Membership 

Kemimoto is pleased to announce it is now a member of SEMA, the Specialty Equipment Market Association. 

With over 6,600 member companies, SEMA consists of a diverse group of manufacturers, distributors, retailers, publishing companies, auto restorers and many more, who all serve the motor vehicle aftermarket. 

Membership brings many advantages to Kemimoto and its staff including access to professional development and market research, industry publications and events.