Things To Know About A UTV Windshield Wiper

Why You Need A Windshield Wiper

In colder climates, if your UTV does not have a windshield wiper, chances are you will not be using it much until spring comes around. Even in warmer climes, driving through the mud and rain can make it difficult to enjoy riding around in your UTV. Thankfully, there is a solution:  a UTV windshield wiper.

Features Of The UTV Windshield Wiper

This feature, once installed on your UTV, works like a standard automatic wiper on any other motor vehicle. Protect yourself and have a more enjoyable off-road experience by wiping away debris that can impede your field of vision.

With this feature attached to your UTV's windshield, you can cruise through rain, mud, and snow without being concerned about Mother Nature throwing them your way.

Made with a fiberglass skeleton and rubber specially designed to be protected from the sun's UV rays, this UTV windshield wiper will withstand the elements. If you ever have any issues during the first three months of using it, you can ask for a free replacement.

There is no need to worry about the annoying squeaking some wipers make because this Polaris Ranger windshield wiper is as silent as a book having its pages flipped. You can mount this UTV windshield wiper on either hard-coated polycarbonate or glass windshields. Swish away the undesirable elements making your UTV riding less fun.

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The Advantages Of The UTV Windshield Wiper

With an RZR windshield wiper, you have a simple handle you can operate whenever the situation calls for the removal of hazardous debris. Complete your riding experience and compliment your UTV's windshield by installing a UTV windshield wiper. You owe it to yourself to have a clearer field of vision for a safer ride, especially when outdoor conditions warrant it.

This UTV windshield wiper works great as a Polaris Ranger windshield wiper and an RZR windshield wiper, among others. It is essentially a universal UTV windshield wiper, so you can rest easy knowing that you can wipe away annoying debris no matter what UTV you have.

You are at no risk of having your windshield scratched with this hand-operated wiper. It will make a tremendous difference even on days when the only thing you are dealing with is mist.

Installation Of The Windshield Wiper

This wiper is a simple design that is easily operated with your hand, allowing you to wipe while driving. Installation is simply done by drilling a 1/2" hole into your windshield in order to mount it. You may be lucky and already have a hole in your windshield for an even easier installation.

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Gone are the days when you had to stop your UTV and clean your windshield whenever it became obscured. Install this UTV windshield wiper on your rig and you will come to enjoy riding it no matter what the weather is outside. You will be able to enjoy your UTV the way it was meant to be by getting a UTV windshield wiper to remove any elements making your view any less clear.


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