The Real Truth about UTV Tool Box

For those who have a car, "space" has become an inescapable topic, including its driving space, riding space, or storage space...  So where is the biggest storage space for cars?  Yes, the trunk!

Vehicles need storage space most. Usually, we store some things in our suitcases, such as fire extinguishers, glass water, umbrellas, mineral water, and so on. Although the trunk volume is very large, if you can not reasonably plan and use it, just little things will be very messy. So it is necessary to buy a tool box for the car trunk.


Traveling alone can be exciting, lonely, and sometimes even dangerous. A person driving in a wide field or mountain, if encounter a rock obstacle, a broken tire, or break down halfway emergency, looking for a tool is not easy. Someone has large storage boxes, but they're too space-hungry and clunky.



Craggy mountain roads, broken cars, no tools to fix your car in a hurry?
Clutter makes space narrow. How to make good use of the space behind the car?

You need a toolbox!

The UTV  storage box can be used to arrange and place the items in the backup trunk, perfectly solving the problem of summarizing the items. Our ultimate mission when it comes to cargo storage is to create the most efficient, accessible, logical, and impenetrable products on the market.


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Lighter and more portable

Compared with wooden or metal materials, plastic tool boxes are easier to carry. Wood and metal are heavier and denser than plastic. For example, if you are going to move your thing, you won't have any difficulty. For easy transportation, plastic storage is the best choice.



Plastic tool boxes are waterproof and are not as easily corroded as metal containers. Nor is it as vulnerable to insects as wooden warehouses. For metal containers and wooden containers, possible damage, corrosion, and pests should be inspected from time to time. Plastic containers can preserve valuables without damage because they can be waterproof and no elements can penetrate as long as they are well sealed. Waterproof rubber ring design, good sealing, isolation of dust and insects.


The UTV tool box can store a pump, flashlight, medical emergency kit, tow rope, battery line, tire repair tools, inverter, and other tools, which are necessary tools for UTV drivers. It can bear 75 kilograms. Put tools in the box, so you can use them during travel.



The wild can be very dangerous. In case of emergency, a flexible tool box allows you to repair your car at any time, increasing the safety of driving.



At the bottom, the cargo storage has anti-skid edges that increase friction, reduce shock and keep the body smooth, preventing the container from bumping into the car when swerving, and braking.




When you go on a picnic, cover the box so it can be a small table or stool. Not only the items inside will not be crushed, but also add a sense of comfort and leisure to your outing.      UTV TOOL BOX--KEMIMOTO

We can say with absolute confidence that our Rear Tool Box is by far the most compatible and utilitarian cargo storage unit on the market.

Let's get the UTV Tool Box!

High-quality material, strong and durable, long service life
Designed for maximum storage space with a heavy-duty lid for extra durability
Complete with lockable latch (lock not included)
Waterproof rubber ring design, good sealing performance
Quick mount pegs allow for easy installation and easy removal
The angle of opening can only be a certain range, and the design of the lid makes the box not fall down
It can withstand 75kg
Contains two anti-collision pad
No tools or extra hardware needed


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