Honda Pioneer 700 vs.1000: Which is better?

Riders by Honda Pioneers, knowing that they will spend most of their time off-roading. Whether you're taking your Pioneer for a day out on the trails or cruising around your property to get work done, it’s one of the best UTVs for rough terrain.

With such great reliability ratings, the question of whether or not to buy a vehicle from Honda is easy. However, trying to choose between two of the top Honda UTV models is not. To help you out, we've written an in-depth comparison guide that looks at the ins and outs of the Honda Pioneer 1000 and the Honda Pioneer 700.

Let's dive in!

Side-By-Side Comparison


2022 Honda Pioneer 1000

2022 Honda Pioneer 700

Starting MSRP




1,595 pounds

1,286 pounds


72 HP

61 HP


999cc liquid-cooled twin-cylinder four-stroke Unicam

675cc single-cylinder engine

Towing Capacity

2,500 pounds

1,500 pounds

Tire & Brake

OTR Dirt Master tires; foot activated four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes

OTR Dirt Master tires; foot activated four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes


Independent Double Wishbone suspension

Independent Double Wishbone suspension


Pros and Cons

Honda Pioneer Stock Model

Honda Pioneer 700 Pros

The Honda Pioneer 700 Series comes in your choice of two or four-seater configuration. This UTV utilizes electric power steering and can tow up to 1,500 pounds, which is about 500 less than its older brother.

There are many pros to this UTV, many of which come with the upgrades, such as the improved air intake system, the increased fuel capacity, the higher AC generator output, and the increased safety features.

Compared to many similar UTVs on the market, the Honda Pioneer 700 offers a smoother ride with agile steering performance and an extremely versatile tilt bed.

Honda Pioneer 700 Cons

One of the main complaints we see often about the Honda Pioneer 700 is the issues with the transmission, which is quite surprising considering how reliable Honda vehicles typically are.

The differential lock on this model has also been a problem, and some people have had their UTVs refuse to start altogether.

Honda Pioneer 1000 Pros

Sometimes, bigger is better. In the case of the Honda Pioneer 1000, you get a bigger cabin, a bigger engine, and bigger brakes. This UTV offers more transmission speeds, more available seating, and more 4WD modes to get you out on the trail.

You can purchase the vehicle in many configurations, starting off with a three-seater, which offers a refined and quiet 999cc twin-cylinder engine and a dual-clutch six-speed transmission.

If you're looking for tons of extra towing power, the 2,000 pounds that the Honda Pioneer 1000 offers should do the job. The biggest advantage of the Honda PIoneer 1000 comes from the upgraded 1000-5 EPS, which provides five seats and plenty of ground clearance for rough trails.

Honda Pioneer 1000 Cons

One of the main cons Honda PIoneer 1000 is the relatively low max speed, which gets you up to around 55mph. It is also more expensive than most UTVs in its class, especially those that have similar performance specs.

When to Use

Honda PIoneer Parked


Both of these vehicles work well on just about any type of terrain. Honda has done a great job at elevating the horsepower specs on both these vehicles over the past few years, and they both work beautifully on downhill and uneven terrain.

What's most worth noting is the incredible turning radius on both of these machines, which is great if you're riding on tighter trails.


Reliability is one factor that Honda prioritizes, and it's always the way to go if you're looking for a long-lasting UTV. However, some users have noted dealing with grinding noises or smoking belts after long periods of use with both of these vehicles.

We've also heard about plenty of issues with the transmission on the Honda Pioneer 700. While those same issues may exist on the Honda Pioneer 1000 as well, we've yet to see any specific complaints.


Both the Honda Pioneer 1000 and 700 provide comfortable and spacious interiors, which feel great on the trail and on the road. Both of these vehicles have a very smooth ride, and the interior seating offers ergonomic comfort for longer rides and rougher terrains.

However, with extra storage space to put equipment or supplies away in the back, the Honda Pioneer 1000 takes the cake in terms of overall comfort.

Fuel Economy

Honda has always prioritized fuel economy, and it's pretty clear to see in their line of economy vehicles. However, when it comes to capacity, the Honda Pioneer 1000 has the bigger tank of the two, holding up to 7.9 gallons of fuel. With a single tank, you can drive for approximately 100 miles.

It's also worth noting that the Honda Pioneer 1000 EPS upgrade comes with a 1.6-gallon reserve tank, ensuring that you never run out of fuel if emergencies arrive. Both of these UTVs have excellent storage capabilities, allowing you to store five-gallon gas containers with ease.


In terms of customizability, there are much better choices on the market than the Honda Pioneer. Of course, here at Kemimoto, we carry some of the best aftermarket accessories for UTVs on the market, including a number of very popular Honda Pioneer accessories.


Which Is Better, the Honda Pioneer 1000 or the Honda Pioneer 700?

Both of these vehicles have their own pros and cons. However, if you're looking for a stronger, faster, and more spacious UTV, the Honda Pioneer 1000 is the better choice, even with its less budget-friendly price.

Are Honda UTVs Reliable?

Yes. Honda manufacturers some of the most reliable UTVs around today, and you don't hear as many complaints about mechanic visits when it comes to Honda UTVs as other brands.

Is The Honda Pioneer Customizable?

While it is not the most customizable UTV on the market, there are plenty of aftermarket accessories, many of which you can find right here at Kemimoto.


Honda PIoneer Red Limited Edition


With so many incredible features on both the Honda Pioneer 1000 and the Honda Pioneer 700, choosing between the two can be difficult. However, if we had to put them head to head and choose our favorite, we would probably choose the Honda Pioneer 1000.

It's a far more functional vehicle with better capacity, a higher max speed, more towing capabilities, and greater power overall. Yes, you may end up spending a little bit more to take advantage of these features, though we believe they are well worth the money for any serious UTV enthusiast.

The Honda Pioneer line has been a staple in the UTV industry for quite some time, and there's a reason for that. Just about anything you would need in an off-road vehicle whether for recreational use or trail riding, can be found in the Honda Pioneer.

Have fun out there on the trails!

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