CFMOTO Side-by-side review: Is CFMOTO worth buying?

CFMOTO is a Chinese motorcycle manufacturing company producing high-quality bikes at affordable prices. We all know that CFMOTO is a great company that offers some of the most durable and reliable ATVs in the market. The company has been manufacturing ATVs for many decades. With over 4000 employees, they have already made over 30 million units of ATVs.

CFMOTO is a Chinese manufacturer of motorcycles, scooters, and ATVs. CFMOTO's products are largely targeted at the lower-cost end of the market.CFMOTO is gaining recognition. Let's take a look at this rising Chinese brand. Next, we will go through the angles of off-road bikes and discuss their specifications and how they compare.

Why Is Cfmoto So Cheap?

When it comes to CFMoto, many people wonder why their products are so affordable compared to other brands. One reason is that CFMoto is a Chinese company that produces its vehicles in China, where labor costs are lower than in many other countries. This allows them to keep their prices down while still producing a high-quality product.

Another factor is that CFMoto has been investing heavily in research and development, which has allowed them to improve their production processes and reduce costs. By optimizing their supply chain and manufacturing techniques, they have been able to create more efficient and cost-effective production methods.

While CFMoto may not have the same brand recognition as some of the more established UTV manufacturers, they have been gaining traction in the market by offering reliable and affordable products. They also offer a competitive warranty and have a strong dealer network in the United States, which provides customers with easy access to parts and service.

What Are the Highlights of Cfmoto ?

CFMOTO has had its international breakthroughs by focusing on fuel efficiency, environmental friendliness, power, and design. All these factors are integral to the success of the world's most popular motorbike brands.

In addition to the surprise of a great price, CFMOTO's engine is no less impressive. Take the CFMOTO UFORCE 1000 engine. It has 79 horsepower and higher displacement than the Can-Am Defender XT, while the CFMOTO UFORCE 1000 is priced at $1000-3000 less than the Can-Am Defender XT. /The UFORCE 1000 is priced at $1000-3000 less than the Can-Am Defender XT.

Let's discuss CFMOTO from various factors.

Driving CFMOTO in the snow


CFMOTO engines are great for the power, reliability and durability. They have the latest technologies and are one of the most fuel-efficient engines.

The CFMOTO engine is a 4-stroke, 124cc single-cylinder engine available in many models. The engine is designed to be fuel efficient with low emissions, so it's environmentally friendly. The CFMOTO X-Force Engine has a long-lasting pistonless sleeve that provides high durability, low friction, and lower operating costs.


The transmission consists of three main components: high-speed, low-speed, and reverse gear. The CFMOTO continues, as the CFMOTO's UTV allows the driver to use either 2 or 4-wheel drive options depending on the terrain. Inside the CFMOTO is the CVTech IBC transmission, which makes the UTV smooth and comfortable to drive.

However, the CFMOTO may require a little extra effort in steering. Still, it's not hard to control because the CFMOTO UTV has an internal "electronic locking differential" system to help. This device locks the wheels so the driver can more easily achieve turning maneuvers.


The CFMOTO ZFORCE is equipped with a double-wishbone suspension system. In addition, there's a gas shock around every bend. These can be changed to fit any kind of driving. The vehicle's clearance and suspension are top-notch for the price.

Body Design

CFMOTO's body is solid, and the entire hood and fenders are installed like a big rig in front of the body. Body design has protected the size of the whole car - for example, CFMOTO ZFORCE is 2870 x 1510 x 1830mm. The front headlights are very good, well illuminated and meet all the functions expected by the driver.

 CFMOTO's body headlights


Inside the CFMOTO's UTV is a 4-point harness to ensure the driver's safety. The cab's interior has an LCD on the dashboard to show GPS results and other necessary trip information. The Cfmoto also does an excellent job in driver seat comfort, with a seat that allows for some lateral support and flexible tilt adjustment.


ZFORCE gives you the power and precision of a real driving experience without the exhaustion. Choosing between power steering and engaging one's sense of touch with the road must be made with care. Using power steering can make you feel disconnected from what's happening around you. ZFORCE provides that equilibrium.

Ground clearance

CFMOTO models all have a ground clearance of 11 inches or more. There is no perfect ground clearance for UTVs, so if you drive a UTV on sand or dirt roads, the CFMOTO will be able to meet your needs. Some models may be lower than models from Polaris, Can-Am, and other brands.

Traction Capacity

When we talk about the indicator of traction capacity, we need to come up with some specific models to talk about. For example, the CFMOTO UFORCE 600 has a towing capacity of 600 kg, which allows farmers to carry up to 600 kg of cargo.

The CFMOTO UFORCE 1000, on the other hand, can haul up to 1,000 kg. The winch at the front of the vehicle has a lot of pulling power. This traction capacity may make the CFMOTO an excellent agricultural vehicle.



CFMOTO has experienced significant growth over the past few years. The company has achieved this by providing customers with high-end motorcycles on a budget. This is in contrast to major players in the motorcycle industry, who usually only provide luxury and custom motorcycles.

CFMOTO has successfully managed to do what others before them couldn't. They succeeded in creating an affordable motorcycle that keeps quality and reliability - two things that were major limitations of other companies in the market.

We look forward to CFMOTO's performance, and if you already own a CFMOTO bike, check out our cfmoto accessories, and you can click here.

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