Can-Am Ryker Vs. Spyder:Which is better?

If you're looking for a three-wheeled three motorcycle, we highly recommend looking at what Can-Am has to offer. These two models are some of the most cutting-edge in the Can-Am lineup, offering an exciting writing experience and plenty of unique features.

Of course, there are many factors that go into determining which one is best for your needs, including your personal preferences and budget.

If you're looking to learn more about the differences between the Can-Am Ryker and Can-Am Spyder, continue reading!

Side-By-Side Comparison


2022 Can-Am Ryker

2022 Can-Am Spyder F3

Starting MSRP




642 pounds

899 pounds


900cc Rotax engine

1330cc engine

Capacities & Storage

Glovebox with USB; 1.85 gallons

6.5 gallons


Front - KYB HPG w/ preload adjustment; Back - KYB HPG 40mm w/ remote reservoir four-position compression adjustable dampening

Front - KYB HPG w/ preload adjustment; Back - KYB HPG 40mm w/ remote reservoir four-position compression adjustable dampening


Ultra-comfortable, automatic transmission, fun to ride, ample storage capacity

Electronically-controlled power steering, optimized engine torque, very comfortable


Small turning radius, poor fuel efficiency, overheating ABS

Known electrical failures, finicky warranty coverage,

Pros and Cons

Can-Am Ryker in Driveway

Can-Am Ryker Pros

One crucial thing to note about Can-Am Ryker is that it is incredibly easy to ride. It uses CVT, meaning you don't have to worry about the clutch or what gear you're in, and there's also reverse gear for easy parking. You'll also find lined brakes with ABS, meaning all you need is a simple push of your foot to slow down.

The Ryker uses a Rotax ACE engine, which offers excellent dependability and decent gas mileage. While you won't get tons of performance right off the bat, you can upgrade to either the 600 or 900 option if you want a little more spring in your ride.

In terms of overall customizability, the Ryker excels for such an inexpensive vehicle. You can easily switch out the panels to customize the aesthetic of your ride, depending on your style preferences.

Overall, the ride is really smooth and easy. We really enjoy the low center of gravity that this model offers, as well as the power-to-weight ratio.

Can-Am Ryker Cons

One of the main disadvantages of the Ryker is that it doesn't provide the most thrilling ride experience for avid writers. Unless you upgrade to one of these 600 or 900 options, you’ll have a pretty basic three-wheeled motorcycle.

While the ride is pretty easy, you get a pretty poor turning radius, which can make it difficult to maneuver the bike in narrower spaces.

Some have also complained about the Ryker overheating, as the radiator sits very low on the vehicle. This means that you may collect debris that causes the bike to overheat. In reality, it's a simple design flaw that could have been addressed during manufacturing.

Can-Am Spyder Pros

The Can-Am Spyder takes it a step up in terms of performance, delivering 105 horsepower with a 1300cc Rotax ACE engine. With a high-quality three-cylinder design, you get excellent gas mileage, exceptional acceleration, and optimal torque.

While the bike is heavier than the Ryker, it has a very sporty riding position with the same overall design as a snowmobile.

The Can-Am Spyder gives riders more control with its six-speed transmission, though it comes with automatic-mode handling and an electronically-controlled power steering system for a safer and easier ride than your average bike. We can't go without mentioning the Bembo braking system, which delivers complete control, no matter the conditions you're driving in.

Can-Am Spyder Cons

It is worth noting that the Can-Am Spyder is much heavier than the Ryker, which can be a bit of a pain for smaller riders.

If you're just getting started riding, you might find the six-speed transmission a bit overwhelming.

Last but not least, the Spyder uses a complex, electronically-controlled system, which makes it really difficult to fix on your own if anything goes wrong. There have been a few known electrical problems in the past, which can take you off the road for a few days or even weeks if they occur.

When to Use

Can-Am Ryker All-Black


The Can-Am Spyderis better for more experienced riders, making it a far more solid choice for winding roads and tracks.

On the other hand, the Can-Am Ryker is marketed more toward beginners, making it a better choice for those who are staying on wide city streets and mellow highways.


Can-Am makes reliable vehicles that can last for many years if taken care of. However, When comparing the reliability between these two vehicles, it is worth noting that the Can-Am Ryker is easier to take care of, thanks to the fact that it has a far less complex electronically-controlled system.


Both of these three-wheeled motorcycles are incredibly comfortable, though the low center of gravity on the Can-Am Ryker makes it much more comfortable for beginner riders. It is wider with a poorer turning radius than the Spyder, but when speaking of comfort alone, it's pretty hard to beat.

Fuel Economy

The fuel economy of both of these three-wheeled motorcycles is pretty similar. However, we were surprised to find out that even though the Ryker is lighter than the Spyder, the fuel economy is worse.

On average, users say they get around 31 mpg on the Ryker and around 35 mpg on the Spyder.


The Can-Am Ryker comes out on top again with customizability, as users can swap out panels with different colors depending on their aesthetic preferences. With that said, there are tons of great aftermarket accessories for each of these vehicles.


Can-Am Spyder Black and Silver

Which is better, Ryker or Spyder?

The Can-Am Ryker is a better choice for beginners with its stable and comfortable ride, while the Can-Am Spyder is a better choice for expert riders who are looking for a more adventurous experience.

Is the Can-Am Spyder safer than a motorcycle?

Because the Can-Am Spyder does not require you to balance as much, they are much safer to ride than traditional motorcycles, especially in bad weather or uneven terrain. With the three points of support, you are far less likely to tip over when at a traffic light.

Can you ride a Ryker on the highway?

Both the Can-Am Ryker and Can-Am Spyder are referred to as “freedom machines,” meaning you can ride them just about anywhere you have in mind, from the streets of the suburbs to public highways.


<p>Can-Am Spyder in Black and Orange</p> <p> </p>

If you're new to the world of riding, we highly recommend going with the Can-Am Ryker model. It is a very safe, secure, and comfortable three-wheeled bike with plenty of user-friendly features for a pleasant riding experience.

However, if you are an experienced writer that is looking for a more thrilling experience, you are better off going with the Can-Am Spyder. This one-of-a-kind bike offers both reliability and speed with plenty of high-performance features.

Make sure to keep our review in mind when choosing between these two incredible vehicles, and have fun out there on the open road!

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