What UTV Sound Bars Should I Get? Consider 8 Things!

UTV off-roading with Kemimoto’s compact MIdnight UTV sound bar

When you're tearing up the trails in your UTV, a great soundtrack can vastly enhance your adventure. Enter the UTV sound bar: this all-in-one audio powerhouse brings the concert vibe straight to your off-road escapades.

But with an overwhelming array of options available, how do you pick a UTV sound bar that's right for you? What wattage is right for your sound bar? And what size should you get?

In this blog, we'll dive into 8 crucial factors to consider when choosing a UTV sound bar. By the end of this post, you'll not only have the answers to your questions but also be equipped to select the perfect sound bar tailored to your needs. Let's discover how!

8 Key Features to Consider When Choosing a UTV Sound Bar

To help you choose the perfect UTV sound bar for your riding, let’s delve into the essential features that will guide your decision-making process. From power output to ease of installation, each aspect plays a crucial role in enhancing your ride. 

Keep these 8 key things in mind as we explore what makes a sound bar not just an accessory, but a pivotal part of your UTV setup.

1. Power Output and Sound Quality

Two UTVs running fast in the desert

The heart of any good sound system is its ability to deliver crisp, clear audio with plenty of volume. Consider where you'll be using your UTV; if it's in open spaces, you might want higher wattage for a louder sound. Generally, a sound bar with at least 100-300 watts should provide clear and loud audio performance. There are also the loudest UTV sound bar options if you need the loudest possible sound.

Higher wattages will provide louder sound, higher decibel levels, and better clarity, which is particularly useful when competing with engine noise and outdoor elements. In other words, a sound bar with a high wattage rating can drive speakers to produce more powerful sound without distortion.

2. Supplemental Speakers and Woofers

A true audiophile knows that a sound bar alone is not enough to get the full auditory range they desire. So, remember clarity and bass response!

UTV sound bars with multiple speakers and woofers can bridge the auditory gap, ensuring a more immersive sound experience. This combination brings out the depth and richness in bass-heavy tracks while keeping the midrange and treble crisp and clear.

Opt for loud UTV sound bars with additional speakers and woofers to ensure precision in both high and low frequencies. Such a setup cuts through the rumble of the engine, providing sharp, rich tunes for the ultimate outdoor thrill.

3. Size and Fitment

Kemimoto’s 16-inch, 26-inch, and 32-inch Midnight sound bars for UTVs, ATVs, and Golf carts

For most UTVs, a 28 to 34-inch sound bar offers a good blend of sound quality and convenience without being too bulky. However, for smaller UTVs or if you prefer a more compact setup, consider a 16 to 24-inch sound bar that still provides an enjoyable audio experience.

Besides, a well-fitted sound bar means no rattling—just crisp tunes! So, ensure the sound bar size matches your UTV's roll cage dimensions for a snug fit. To find the perfect match, look for sound bars specifically designed or adjustable to fit your UTV model.

Also, consider the size and space available within your vehicle to ensure the sound bar isn’t obtrusive and doesn't impact passenger comfort or visibility. Choose compact models like the KEMIMOTO Midnight sound bar, which provides quality sound without overcrowding your space.

4. Durability and Build Quality

Your UTV is built to handle rough terrain and harsh weather conditions, and your sound bar should be too. 

Look for a weatherproof and waterproof sound bar that will keep the tunes playing no matter the environment. High-quality materials, such as marine-grade aluminum alloy, and solid construction are indicators of a sound bar that will last through bumps, dust, and splashes.

5. Connectivity Options

Modern sound bars offer a variety of ways to connect to your music library. A Bluetooth-enabled UTV sound bar is a must-have for wireless streaming from smartphones and other devices. AUX, USB, and other inputs provide additional connectivity options, ensuring you can play music from virtually any source.

6. Remote Controls and App Integration

KEMIMOTO Midnight UTV sound bar with remote APP control

Remote controls allow you to adjust the volume and tracks without reaching for the sound bar, while app integration offers even more control and customization right from your smartphone.

7. Lighting and Visual Effects

KEMIMOTO Midnight UTV sound bar with dazzling light

Want to amp up your ride with some cool vibes? Consider a sound bar with integrated lighting or visual effects. These features can add to the ambiance and make your vehicle stand out, especially when the sun goes down.

If customizing your UTV is your jam, and you love hitting the trails with friends at night or throwing epic off-road parties and gatherings, then these flashy sound bars are for you. They're not just eye candy—they enhance your safety game with better visibility too.

Whether you're showing off at events, going for glory in competitions, or just setting trends, a lit-up sound bar with lighting is the cherry on top of your sweet ride. Think about watching as your UTV becomes the star of the scene, day or night!

8. Ease of Installation

KEMIMOTO Midnight UTV sound bar for easy installation

Last but certainly not least, think about how easy the sound bar is to install. Many sound bars have mounting systems and installation kits that fit standard UTV roll cages. Moreover, some sound bars have quick-clip designs that can be installed in just a few seconds, such as the KEMIMOTO 40B Midnight sound bar, which can be easy for DIY installation.

Get the Best UTV Sound Bars! Meet Your New Friends at Night, Not Just the Light

TV off-road party and beautiful sunset

Equipped with these considerations, you're well on your way to finding a sound bar that will turn heads and elevate your riding experience. Whether you’re blasting your favorite tunes or catching the game's live broadcast, a quality sound bar can make all the difference.

At Kemimoto, our latest UTV sound bars — the KEMIMOTO Midnight UTV sound bars — are selling like hotcakes!  They’re designed to meet the rigorous demands of off-road driving while delivering exceptional audio performance.

Why KM Sound Bars Are The Top Choice for Your Audio Experience?
  • Sync a dazzling light show to your music—making you stand out in the crowd when you are night riding with friends or participating in off-road parties.

  • Unique dome mode—offers a crisp, all-white reading light, perfect for switching from party mode to practical use for safety and visibility.

  • High-power UTV sound bars with multiple speakers, woofers, and tweeters—deliver crystal-clear highs, dynamic lows, and solid vocals, all without distortion.

  • Durable and reliable for any trail and weather conditions—IP66 waterproof, dustproof, resistant to electrostatic interference, and vibration-proof.

  • Compatible with UTVs, ATVs, pickups, RVs, and marine boats.

    • Remote control; Bluetooth sound bar with App control.

    • AUX-in, AUX-out, and USB connections.

    • High-gain external antenna.

    • Quick Clip design for instant installation.

    • Built-in battery available.

    Kemimoto: One of the Best Brands for UTV Sound Bars

    UTVs gathering

    KEMIMOTO is one of the well-regarded brands known for offering a wide array of aftermarket accessories designed to enhance the riding experience for UTV, ATV, and motorcycle enthusiasts. 

    Our product lineup includes not only high-quality sound bars but also items such as mirrors, windshields, storage solutions, and protective gear tailored to fit a broad range of models from popular manufacturers like Polaris, Can-Am, Honda, Yamaha, and more.

    At KEMIMOTO, we offer responsive customer service and personalized support across phone, email, and social media, ensuring your needs are promptly met with effective solutions.

    Shop with us now—your journey awaits!

    Final Thoughts 

    A KEMIMOTO UTV sound bar flashing lights placed on the sand

    So, here’s the thing! When selecting a UTV sound bar, remember to evaluate the sound quality, consider additional speakers, assess the size and build, review connectivity options, decide on remote or app integration, contemplate visual effects, and weigh the ease of installation before making your purchase.

    With the right sound bar, every ride can be an unforgettable adventure set to the soundtrack of your life. So why wait? Boost your UTV experience with a loud sound bar that hits all the right notes! Meet Your New Friends at Night. 

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