What To Wear/Bring ATV Riding In the Desert? With Bonus Tips!

A man wearing goggles riding ATV in the desert

Prior to revving up your ATV, it is crucial to ensure that you are adequately equipped for your off-road expedition, both for your protection and to minimize the risk of injuries. 

Selecting suitable attire and gear not only enhances your safety and cleanliness during ATV riding but also significantly improves your overall comfort during extended hours on your vehicle.

If you’re wondering what to wear ATV riding in the desert, then allow the team at Kemimoto to help. Let’s dive in and look at some of the must-have essentials! 

What To Wear/Bring ATV Riding In the Desert

Multiple ATVs in the Dubai Desert

1. Helmet

​​Ensuring you have a helmet on while riding your ATV is of utmost importance, especially when riding on rough desert terrain. We would go as far as saying this is the first and most essential element of ATV safety gear, as it protects your entire face and skull against potential hazards and threats.

2. Riding Goggles

Kemimoto ATV riding goggles to bring for desert riding

When you venture out for a long ATV ride in the desert, it’s important to have some riding goggles with you. 

Riding goggles are a vital component of ATV riding attire, specifically designed to protect your eyes from the harsh desert environment. 

Not only do they work to shield your eyes from dust, sand, and debris, but they can also protect you from inclement weather, such as strong winds, and ensure optimal visibility when the sun is out. There’s nothing worse than dealing with eye irritation or injury while navigating through the desert terrain, which is why riding goggles are an essential accessory.

3. Gloves

Kemimoto Gloves for ATV riding in the desert

While not an absolute requirement for desert ATVing, it is undeniable that wearing the right gloves can significantly enhance your riding experience. 

These gloves offer multiple benefits, including protection against potential scrapes or cuts that may occur during your ride or in the event of a fall. Moreover, they provide an improved grip, ensuring better control of your ATV. 

Depending on the weather and the terrain conditions, riding without gloves for an extended period can become uncomfortable, which is why we recommend you prioritize safety and opt for the use of gloves. 

It's always better to be prepared and avoid any injuries!

4. Protective Clothing

  • Riding Jacket

In the event of a fall and to shield yourself from flying debris and other elements while riding, we recommend getting your hands on a riding jacket. 

An ideal riding jacket should offer some level of ventilation, allowing proper airflow, while also providing flexibility for unrestricted movement. Look for jackets with water-resistant properties or those that can withstand unfavorable weather conditions. 

We often recommend choosing a slightly larger size to accommodate layering underneath when looking for the right jacket, especially if you plan on venturing into cold weather.

  • Underlayer

Depending on the upper layer material you’re wearing, chafing can be an issue, especially on longer rides.

To prevent chafing, we highly recommend wearing an underlayer. 

If concerns about feeling too hot arise, don't worry. You can invest in a pair of thermal pants specifically designed to wick moisture and provide a cooling effect in hot weather. Plus, most moisture-wicking materials are super lightweight, so you’ll be comfortable all day long!

  • Shirts 

While a long-sleeved shirt may not be the most comfortable option for ATV riding when it’s hot out, it offers crucial protection against sunburn that you may not immediately notice. The extended sleeves shield your arms from direct exposure to the sun's harmful rays, reducing the risk of sunburn and potential long-term skin damage. 

Prioritizing sun protection is essential, even if it means sacrificing some comfort during your ATV ride.

  • Long Pants 

Similar to a long sleeve shirt, even when riding in warmer weather, we recommend that you refrain from wearing shorts. 

Instead, opt for a durable fabric that fully covers your legs, such as jeans, as they provide far better protection and help prevent any minor scrapes and cuts you might get along the way. 

By ensuring full leg coverage, you create a barrier against potential hazards, such as flying rocks or nasty sunburn.

5. Boots/Closed-Toe Shoes

Whatever you do, please don’t wear sandals while riding!

Riding an ATV while wearing sandals exposes your feet to the excessive heat generated by the engine, as well as potential impacts from rocks and sticks along your ride. Instead, wear closed-toe shoes such as sneakers or boots, as these types of footwear provide full coverage and significantly reduce the risk of foot injuries that may occur during your ATV adventure in the desert.

6. A First-Aid Kit

It is always a good idea to prep for any potential injuries that may occur during your ride. 

Remember, ATV riding often involves unpredictable terrain and unexpected situations, so having a first aid kit on hand allows you to administer immediate care and address minor injuries right away. 

Here are some things to have in your first-aid kit:

  • Adhesive bandages
  • Sterile gauze
  • Antiseptic wipes
  • Adhesive tape
  • Pain relievers
  • Tweezers
  • Personal medications. 

Also, make sure to familiarize yourself with basic first-aid procedures and techniques before riding out. 

7. A Canteen

It is particularly crucial in the summer season to ensure that you have an adequate water supply with you while ATV riding. 

The desert is dry, and the last thing you want to be left without is water. 

Depending on the distance from your starting point, finding water sources during your ride can be a challenge, if not impossible, which is why we highly recommend filling a couple of water bottles or a canteen before you embark on your ATV adventure.

Canteens are great, as they’re super durable and will keep your water colder over the course of your excursion, more so than a plastic water bottle. 

Staying cool and hydrated is not only essential for your safety but also for your overall comfort during the ride. Prioritize hydration always! 

8. An ATV Storage Box To Organize Gears Up

Kemimoto ATV storage box to bring in the desert riding

When riding in the desert, choose a suitable storage box or bag for ATV riding to maintain your gear organized and secure! 

You can store your jackets or clothes, first-aid kits, water bottles, card holders and keys, etc. in the box and bags. In this way, you can enjoy ATV riding in the desert without concern about losing your gear. 

Keep in mind to equip your ATVs with a storage box or bags when you’re packing for your next sand-riding adventure!

Bonus Tips for ATV Riding In The Desert

Things to Bring on a Las Vegas ATV Tour 

  • Curiosity 

  • If you have a passion for the outdoors and crave thrilling adventures, then you’ll love ATV riding. It offers a unique opportunity, giving you the pleasure of exploring the captivating desert sights while enjoying the thrill of speed.

  • Camera
  • Kemimoto camera mount for sand riding

    ATV excursions offer plenty of room for photo ops, so make sure to have a camera on you! And remember that install a camera bar mount to ensure your camera is securely attached when you are riding at high speed in the sand!

  • Sunglasses and sunscreen/sunblock

  • Remember, you’re prepping to ride through the desert, so keeping your eyes and skin protected from the harsh sun is crucial. Bring a durable pair of sunglasses and some high-SPF sunblock.

  • Swimsuit, towel

  • When ATV riding in the Las Vegas desert, you’ll have an opportunity to go for a swim in the iconic Colorado River, so make sure to have a swimsuit and a towel.

    Properly Equip And Inspected Your ATV Before Use

    If you want to ride your ATV on the desert sand, you’ll want to switch out the tires.

    Regular all-terrain tires are suitable for dirt, mud, and grassy terrains, though aren’t specifically designed for sand riding. Instead, you’ll want specialized "paddle" tires, which feature paddle-shaped projections that scoop and move the sand away from the wheels, so your ATV can gain traction and maintain stability on slippery sand surfaces. 

    Lastly, make sure you place a filter on your air filter to keep sand from getting into the engine and ensure your chains are lubricated so they don’t jam while riding. 

    Ride With Care 

    When ATV riding,  ride with a companion so you’ll always have mutual assistance in challenging situations. 

    Make sure at least one of the ATVs in the group is equipped with a winch, which can be instrumental in extricating each other from difficult spots. Also, don’t stray from designated riding areas and avoid riding during nighttime when visibility and traction are compromised.


    With your gear all set, you are fully prepared to embark on your thrilling ATV riding adventure in the desert! In case you don't have your gear, there's no need to worry.

    Here at Kemimoto, we offer some of the best and most affordable ATV accessories on the market! We are here to assist you and ensure that your ATV riding experience is both safe and enjoyable. 

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