Review On Kemimoto Rear View Center Mirror

Today I'm going to be going over the benefits and features of our rear view center mirror.


we've got it mounted right here on this UTV and we're going to talk about what makes it a top choice if you're looking for a center mirror on your UTV.


Here I've got the mounting base for the center UTV clear view mirror from UTV tech and this mounting base is versatile. It's low-profile and strong. Besides, those are the three things you're going to look for in a mounting base. It uses two rubber-coated mounting clamps which attach here.


Then these mounting clamps will accommodate tube sizes of 1.75 inches so they'll fit virtually all the UTVs out there.


These mounting clamps are also going to be low profile so that they don't interfere with roofs and with windshields. Those are two very popular accessories on UTV so it's very important that this mount be compatible with those and this one is okay here we have our rubber-coated mounting clamps and you're going to need either a regular screwdriver or a socket

with a five-and-a-half millimeter socket on the end of it and once you've installed these two clamps the remainder of the installation, as well as any further adjustments, can be done without tools now to the mounting block of


Our dual-arm system which is going to give you the ability to adjust the mirror position where it's ideal for you inside the cab of the UTV on the top end we've got a spline system that this is gonna allow you to do is to adjust it up and down vertically.


On the correct angle so that you have a nice clear picture that's easy to see then on the bottom of this these dual arms we've got a whole ball joint. And the mirror has a ball on top of that clicks into the ball joint and then you've got all kinds of rotational and fine

adjustment with that and then all you need to do to lock it in place is simply turn this handle hole. you can lock that mirror into position, you can also make fine adjustments once it's locked down if you want to further adjust it.


If you need to make major adjustments as simple you just loosen that handle bolt up and you can readjust it. you can get that beer in a perfect position no matter what kind of UTV you have here I've got the actual mirror head unit and there are a couple of things I want to point out on this on the backside.


This ball is actually made of a soft rubber material and what that's going to do is it's going to

actually, want it clamped in the system that's going to help isolate the vibration for the mirror and so that's one thing in addition to giving good adjustability it isolates the vibration


If I come to the front side you can see that I've got a nice rubber gasket and that's a SIL rubber gasket it's all the way around the rear that also helps isolate the mirror from vibration that

you might receive through the machine the other thing.


I want to point out is that this mirror slightly convex it's going to give you a much wider field of view but it's not so calm back so it's going to distort heavily what's behind you. so you'll have a nice clear picture and it'll be vibration-free okay so here we've got the UTV tech clear view center mirror mounted up on a UTV you can see here we've got our low-profile versatile strong mounting base you can see that the rubberized mounting clamps don't interfere with the roof or they wouldn't interfere with the windshield and they also will adjust to fit tubing 1.75 inches, so they're gonna work in almost every application and then we move forward we've got these mounting arms.


We've got our spline here for adjustability so we've got all kinds of positioning options if you wanted to tuck this mirror uptight we can do so.


If you want to have it come into the cab further if we want to have it bring it up high to get it out of our line of sight. we've got lots of mounting options and then we also have this vault.

full ball joint on the other end and that gives us all kinds of adjustment capabilities to get it exactly where we like it once it's where we want it.


There is that handle nut on the opposite side you simply tighten that down with

your fingers we can make additional fine adjustments. If we want to and the mirror

is in place and we've got the ball joint which reduces vibration we've got the nice rubber gasket which also isolates vibration and we've got the nice convex mirror which gives us a wide field of view and it's positioned perfectly .so we can see everything behind us.


For more information on the products, just come to Kemimoto.



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