Right Replacement For Broken Rearview Mirrors

Why finding the right replacement for a broken or damaged rearview mirror for Polaris RZR is extremely important? Because the rearview mirror is one of the most important parts of the RZR. The Polaris RZR rearview mirror is mainly used to reflect the rear of the UTV when reversing. It allows the driver to accurately observe the place that you are not aware of when reversing so that you can safely drive to the rear without hitting other people or objects by mistake. It can also be said that the Polaris RZR rearview mirror is a very important safety of the UTV. The key part of the Polaris RZR rearview mirror is its glass, which works as long as it is strong and clear.

In fact, the Polaris RZR side mirrors are often specifically designed for their position and therefore cannot be replaced with an ordinary household mirror. For example, the Polaris RZR rearview mirror is a convex mirror. A convex mirror bends light as it reflects it, and the farther away a point is from the center, the more the light is bent. As a result, an image formed in a convex Polaris RZR rearview mirror is smaller than an image in a plane (flat) mirror. That’s why the Polaris RZR rearview mirror on your vehicle likely came equipped with the disclaimer, “Objects in side mirror are closer than they appear.”

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Nowadays the Polaris RZR rearview mirror film is made of aluminum or silver, more advanced materials appeared  all over the world. Chrome is used as an alternative to conventional materials, which are good at blocking the reflection of sunlight and causing problems for drivers, as well as good wear resistance.

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What would you do if the Polaris RZR rearview mirror breaks? Most people think that it is ok to change the glass directly, but it is not so, most UTVs do not support the glass that changes Polaris RZR rearview mirror directly, and also did not sell corresponding glass model, so it is inevitable to change the whole Polaris RZR rearview mirror. Depending on the model of the UTV, the mirrors are available in different styles and at different prices.

So, if your Polaris RZR rearview mirror glass is damaged, you should check the official website before replacing it, so that you can replace it with the right part.

Tools To Replace Polaris RZR Rearview Mirrors

1. RZR rearview mirror fit for your UTV.
2. Needle-nosed pliers.
3. Insulation tape.
4. Metal interface and hot wire with special

Side Mirror Operational Procedure 

Buy a new rearview mirror online, remove the old lens, press the lens head with your hand, make the tail up, and then grasp the tail, forced to pull out the old lens, so the side mirror can be removed.

After receiving the viewing lens, it is clearly divided on the black plastic card on the back side of the lens. The left driver lens has the letter L, and the right co-driver lens has the letter R.

Peel the metal wire remaining exposed on the rearview mirror with needle-nosed pliers, then screw it together with the copper wire at the end of the heating wire and wrap it with insulation tape.

Manually connect the metal buckle at one end of the heating wire and get it stuck and connected with the bayonet above the black plastic card on the back of the lens. Put the lens connected with the wire into the shell of the Polaris RZR rearview mirror, adjust the position gently and press hard slowly.

Start your UTV, adjust the rearview mirror to the daily habit of fixed position, and done.

Notes For Polaris RZR Rearview Mirror Replacement

Do not use brute force in operation. After the installation, check the position of the Polaris RZR rearview mirror and adjust it in place.

Because the Polaris RZR rearview mirrors on your UTV are specifically designed to help you see other vehicles while driving, a side mirror cannot be replaced with any regular rearview mirror you have laying around the house. If you have a Polaris RZR rearview mirror that needs to be replaced, make sure you do so with a regulation Polaris RZR rearview mirror that is made for the model of your specific UTV.

While we cannot recommend all of these rearview mirror options, we offer the safest and finest replacement when it comes to the windshield or Polaris RZR rearview mirror. You can rest assured that we use only quality, manufacturer-approved products. For more information on Polaris RZR rearview mirrors or replacements, you can contact us by visiting KEMIMOTO.


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