Kemimoto 12th Celebration— 12 Years of Dream Chasing!

Kemimoto 12-year celebration

To Every Dream Chaser,

12 years fly. Journey with us back to our humble beginnings and explore the roots of Kemimoto, a dream fueled by determination and a desire to enhance your riding experience.

Hey There, We’re Kemimoto!

Riding UTV with Kemimoto UTV storage bags

Five riding enthusiasts founded Kemimoto. It all started with a misaligned bolt. 

One early spring in 2011, they bought pairs of spotlight side mirrors for the weekly riding party, but unfortunately, the bolts couldn’t fit. It was a conundrum: riding without the newly expensive spotlights would be a pity, but installing them would mean missing out on Friday night. Nobody wants pity, so they postponed their original plan and drove over 50 miles to nowhere but a warehouse to get bolts. A tiny bolt ruined a riding feast night. From then on, they decided to change the status quo.

After one year of hard work, the KEMIMOTO team created the first UTV rearview mirror in 2012. It is designed for easy installation, so the rider can do so in a matter of minutes without purchasing any additional parts, eliminating the need for a long and inconvenient journey just to acquire a few small bolts.

For a decade, the KEMIMOTO team has been dedicated to enhancing the usability of accessories and empowering riders to fulfill their dreams, and developing products based on the original models. From UTVs to motorcycles to boats, KEMIMOTO has helped a wide range of riders—the passion for convenience, quality, and affordable vehicle accessories hasn't waned over the years.

At KEMIMOTO, we understand that every rider values their vehicle and that every ride is an opportunity for enjoyment. Our team has grown from 5 people to 500, but we remain committed to our original purpose of helping people achieve their dreams. We believe that with love and perseverance, any dream can be realized, no matter how big or small.

Why Ride With Kemimoto?

1. Superior Accessories For Your Vehicle

Full of vigor, audacious, fearless! Kemimoto has developed superior accessories better fitter than the original and at more competitive rates. At Kemimoto, we design everything you want to accessorize your UTVs, ATVs, motorcycles, boats, etc. Being wild, passionate, active, adventurous, and free are our attitudes. They are completely embodied in Kemimoto accessories designs. Want the best accessories to add a more wild and free touch to your vehicle? We are always the right option!

Kemimoto UTV rear view mirror

2. Pushing the Envelope

We're not just dreamers, we're doers. Your brilliant ideas and feedback help us to keep improving and innovating. Our goal is simple: to surpass your expectations and keep you riding in style.

3. Your Journey, Your Rules

A man riding UTV in the desert

Off-road, On-road, RGB life, whatever style you lead, Kemimoto is committed to crafting parts to fit your different riding styles. Alongside assisting you in achieving your dreams with parts that perfectly match, Kemimoto respects your unique lifestyle. With Kemimoto's decent parts, you can show your taste and attitude to the world. 

4. Faster And Stronger, Never Late For Dream

Riding UTV in the desert

Soon, we are about to innovate and upgrade with extensive selections of performance parts to increase your overall power! Just ride on your machine, be brave and courageous, and set out for your passionate dreams, Kemimto is exclusive and pioneering back you up!

5. Dream It, Create It

A man checking the Kemimoto storage bag on the UTV

Your vision fuels our innovation. As we look to the future, we're committed to becoming the go-to hub for all your accessory needs. No matter the journey, our mission remains the same: to help you fulfill your wildest dreams.

4 guys talking with UTVs around

Marking the 12th anniversary, we thank you for helping us chase our dreams and get this far. We will be continuously dedicated to creating exclusive accessories to complete your riding journey of dreams! 

Kemimoto truly understands every rider values their vehicle and each venture is a chance for enjoyment. We have always adhered to developing durable accessories for long-term use to enhance your driving experience, helping your chase and achieve your great dreams.

Passion, resilience, and professionalism are the foundation of our brand. Kemimoto's got your back – let's continue this epic adventure together!

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