Up to 20% Off! 8 Best Can-am X3 Accessories Black Friday 2023

Kemimoto UTV Accessories Black Friday Deals

If you have a Can-am X3, you know how much fun it is to ride on any terrain. But you also know that you can always make it better with some accessories that enhance its performance, comfort, and style. That's why you should take advantage of Kemimoto’s Black Friday deals on Can-am X3 accessories, the leading online store for UTV parts and accessories.

Kemimoto's Black Friday deals run from Nov. 13th to Dec. 15th, but don't wait until the last minute to upgrade your Can-Am X3. Check out our 8 best quality, durable, and affordable Can-Am X3 accessories now!

8 Best Kemimoto's Can-am X3 Accessories Black Friday 2023

Kemimoto’s Can-am X3 accessories are designed to fit your model perfectly and improve your riding experience. 

Whether you need a tablet holder storage box to keep your devices secure and accessible, lower doors to protect your legs from debris, mud fender flares to prevent mud splashes, door bags to store your essentials, soft upper doors to keep the cold and dust out, side mirrors to increase your visibility, or full doors to give your X3 a sleek look, Kemimoto has it all.

Take a look at the X3 accessories and place your order online at www.kemimoto.com!

1. Tablet Holder With Storage Box for Can-Am Maverick X3/Max

Can-am X3 Tablet Holder Black Friday

This tablet holder with a storage box can keep your devices secure and accessible. With this tablet holder, you can use your tablet as a GPS, a music player, or a camera without worrying about it falling or getting damaged.

2. Front Lower Doors with Metal Frame for Can-Am Maverick X3

Can-am X3 Front Lower Doors Black Friday

Kemimoto’s Can-Am Maverick X3 lower doors protect your legs from debris. You can ride on rocky, sandy, or muddy trails without getting hurt by flying rocks or dirt. 

These X3 lower doors are high-quality, easy-to-install accessories for your vehicle. They come as a pair with metal frames and robust injection-molded polypropylene construction for superior durability. Their thick rubber seals provide excellent protection from water, mud, and noise. The doors can be attached directly to the factory mount with no need for drilling or trimming.

3. Fender Flares for Can-Am Maverick X3 / X3 Max

Can-am X3 Fender Flares Doors Black Friday

The Kemimoto X3 fender flares are designed to keep your X3 clean and prevent your clothes or gear from being stained by mud. 

These flares, with their ultra-wide design, significantly enhance protection by preventing mud and water from entering the vehicle's interior. The set includes front and rear mudguards and is easy to install with a direct bolt-on procedure; all necessary hardware and instructions are included. If you have any inquiries or issues with these products, Kemimoto is always ready to help.

4. Door Storage Bags with Removable Knee Pad for Can-Am Maverick X3

Can-am X3 Door Storage Bags Black Friday

These door bags are for storing your essentials. You can carry your wallet, phone, keys, snacks, or tools in these bags that attach to the doors easily and securely.

The door bags are not just storage; they're an all-in-one solution for off-road adventures. With removable knee pads for comfort, concealed cup holders for your beverages or phone, and a key ring holder for convenience, these bags are the ultimate UTV organizer for you. 

They boost a high-quality zipper to keep out dirt or moisture and require no tools for installation - just simply attach the quick-release sticky strap to your X3 upper doors. The package includes a pair of bags for both the driver and passenger side doors. Check them out now!

5. Soft Cab Enclosures Upper Windows for Can-am Maverick X3

Can-am X3 Soft Cab Enclosures Black Friday

Enjoy a more comfortable ride in any weather condition with our soft upper doors that block wind, rain, snow, and dust. Offering a magic fit, these enclosures are perfectly compatible with the mirrors, roofs, windshields, and lower doors of your vehicle.

 Made from PVC mesh fabric, transparent film, and SBS waterproof zippers, they resist tearing, fading, and punctures, enduring both intense summers and freezing winters. Their reflective strip design ensures easy to use at night. These upper doors are also easy to install without the need for drilling; you can simply secure them using straps and your car's original quick-release screws. What's more, these soft cab enclosures epitomize practical elegance.

6. Side View Mirror 360° Adjustment for Can Am Maverick X3 / X3 MAX

Can-am X3 Side View Mirror Black Friday

Kemimoto’s adjustable and foldable side mirrors enhance your visibility, allowing you to see the rear tire regardless of your height and outperforming OEM and other market options. These mirrors let you see what's behind you, helping avoid collisions with other vehicles or obstacles. 

Crafted with a high-quality CNC base, they withstand all weather conditions much better than plastic alternatives. The break-away design folds back when parked to avoid damage from obstacles like branches. These mirrors are simply mounted in the stock holes without requiring any drilling. With their classic design, they make a perfect, beastly addition to your racing UTV.

7. 4pcs Lower Door Panels with Metal Frame For Can-Am Maverick X3 MAX

Can-am X3 Lower Doors Panels Black Friday

Designed to be durable, lightweight, and easy to install with no drilling needed, the lower door panels effectively protect you against cold winds and dirt. 

They’re full doors to give your X3 a sleek look. You can make your X3 stand out from the crowd with these doors that are made of high-quality steel and rubber and have a smooth finish.

8. Soft Cab Enclosure Upper Doors For Can-Am Maverick X3 MAX

Can-am X3 Soft Cab Enclosure Upper Doors Black Friday

The Kemimoto Maverick X3 soft cab enclosure provides you with year-round protection against weather, dirt, and debris. 

Constructed from durable, waterproof PVC mesh fabric with SBS waterproof zippers, it offers resistance to scratches, tears, and punctures. Its reflective strip design enables easy zipper location at night. This enclosure, requiring no drilling, is easy to install and remove. 

The best part? Our can enclosure has cold-weather insulation, enabling you to stay warm during winter rides. Plus, our cab enclosure comes with a lifetime service guarantee.

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