4 Best UTV Sound Bars – Meet Your New Friends at Night, Not Just the Light!

Kemimoto’s one-of-a-kind Midnight UTV sound bars-1
As the sun dips below the horizon, your UTV's headlights slice through the twilight, and as the first stars start to twinkle, a pulsating beat syncs with the heartbeat of your adventure. Rolling up to the campsite or the rendezvous point with your sound bar blaring and lights flashing—your arrival doesn't just turn heads; it rocks souls. This isn't just about cranking up the volume; it's about crafting moments, memories, and bonds that last long after the engine cools down.

In this blog, we'll explore the best sound bars for UTVs and ATVs—sound bars that deliver a full-on aural experience matching the intensity of your ride. Get ready to discover the features that truly matter—from clarity to depth and volume to vibration.

Whether you're craving high-fidelity melodies or bass that shakes the leaves off the trees, prepare to meet your friends in our roundup of exceptional sound bars that turn nightfall into your playground!

4 Best UTV Sound Bars

Kemimoto’s Midnight Sound Bar for Yamaha, UTVs, ATVs, Boats, RVs, Golf Carts, and More

Meet Your New Friends at Night, Not Just the Light!

Powersports Dazzle-light KEMIMOTO Midnight sound bar—this isn't your average run-of-the-mill sound bar; this is the party starter, the night enhancer, the game-changer for every after-dark off-road bash.

KEMIMOTO Midnight sound bar has dazzling light effects and exceptional sound quality with rich, deep bass, and crisp mids and highs. The sound projects well and remains clear, undistorted by wind or tire noise, even at high speeds. It’s designed for you if you desire the best in both audio and visual entertainment, ensuring you can throw an impromptu party anytime, anywhere.

In addition, our Midnight UTV sound bars have multiple connections, are compatible with the original car's audio systems, and work together.

Now, let's take a closer look at these sound bars and see how they'll amp up your night rides to the next level.

1. KEMIMOTO Colorful Beats: Synced Rainbow Light Show to Your Music

Kemimoto’s UTV sound bar with dazzling light

Featuring the one-of-a-kind KEMIMOTO Colorful Beats, the KEMIMOTO Midnight sound bar with lights can burst forth a vibrant kaleidoscope of flashing, rainbow-like light, painting your nighttime ride party. It splashes the dark with vivid bursts of fiery streaks, indigo beams, emerald flares, and golden waves—all leaping and swirling in sync with the rhythmic pulse of your favorite tunes.

With the sound bar’s unique 5-sided RGBIC dream light backed by a powerful 40W LED strip and halo rings, your night rides and parties are about to level up. And those cool vintage LED halo rings on the side of the sound bar, inspired by the iconic "angel eyes" of Wrangler headlights, bring you a classic vibe that stands out from the crowd.

Plus, we've added a practical touch with a dome mode featuring a crisp, all-white reading light—perfect for when you need to switch from party to practical. Trust us: this is one feature you won’t find in the other sound bars!

2. KEMIMOTO Powerful Bass: Deep and Vibrant Bass for an Enveloping Audio Experience

Kemimoto’s UTV sound bar compatible for side-by-sides

The Midnight 60 and 80 UTV sound bars are super powerful, while the 40 and 40B still pack a substantial punch at 300W. Moreover, our sound bars with KEMIMOTO Powerful Bass tech bring the bass to life, hitting 65~20k Hz for that rich, loud, and dynamic bass we all crave. 

The KEMIMOTO Midnight sound bar is one of the loudest sound bars available. Each KEMIMOTO Midnight 60 and Midnight 80 sound bar comes with separate woofers, mid-range speakers, and tweeters to ensure everything sounds distortion-free, delivering dynamic lows, crystal-clear highs, and solid vocals.

Please note that the KEMIMOTO Midnight 40 and 40B UTV sound bars are equipped only with mid-range speakers and tweeters.

3. Marine-Grade Durability: Withstand Wet, Muddy, and Rough Trails

Kemimoto’s quality UTV sound bar is made of Marine Grade weatherproof aluminum alloy

Designed to be marine-grade tough, KEMIMOTO Midnight IP66 waterproof UTV/ATV sound bar can withstand wet and muddy conditions, letting you rock out regardless of the terrain or weather. It’s ready for torrential downpours and the splashiest mud puddles!  

The KEMIMOTO Midnight sound bar is also resistant to electrostatic interference, effectively withstanding lightning strikes and power surges. When extreme weather or sneaky power spikes try to crash your party, the built-in protection circuit has your back!

Dust doesn't stand a chance either. Sealed securely, the KEMIMOTO Midnight sound bar is dust-proof. Not to mention, it's vibration-proof, which means your beats keep bumping no matter how much your UTV shakes, rattles, or rolls.

4. KEMIMOTO Party Mode: Upgrade Your Journey with Wireless Audio Sync 

Kemimoto’s sound bars with party mode and iRISBeat

The KEMIMOTO Midnight sound bar characterizes exclusive KEMIMOTO Party Mode technology that allows you to install multiple units on your UTV and wirelessly connect them for synchronized audio-visual bliss—sync up the beats and lights effortlessly.

Each sound bar comes with a remote control—distance doesn’t put a damper on your DJ skills, and you've got control from up to 65 feet away! Boasting a high-quality 320 kbps bitrate, the sound bar ensures your tunes hit those Hi-Fi, CD-quality notes perfectly. 

Want more sound power? Utilize the Daisy Chain feature with its AUX-in, AUX-out, and USB connections to link as many sound bars as you wish. It's party central!

Additionally, the KEMIMOTO Midnight Bluetooth UTV/ATV sound bars are equipped with a high-rate external antenna, maintaining clear signals and keeping the party vibes free from interference.

5. Quick Clip: Installed in Seconds

Our Midnight 40B sound bar with the Quick Clip design and convenient handle can be installed quickly, which lets you take your tunes anywhere. Hang it on a tube or stand it on a flat surface, whichever works for you.

Furthermore, the 40B’s built-in battery is exceptionally durable; it can power the sound bar for up to 4 hours non-stop (when the lights are turned off). 

Note that only the Midnight 40B models are equipped with the Quick Clip feature.

Advantages of Using a Sound Bar on Your UTV and ATV

  • Enhanced Riding Experience

Whether you're navigating trails, kicking up sand on the dunes, or scouting out new spots, a sound bar keeps you pumped with your favorite tunes. Plus, you can use the sound bar to stay in touch with your fellow riders or catch the latest news and weather reports.

  • Versatile Entertainment Options

Enjoy music from various sources, including Bluetooth-enabled devices, USB drives, or by connecting directly with an auxiliary cable. You can also connect multiple devices to the same sound bar and switch between them easily.

  • Easy Installation and Setup

A UTV sound bar is designed to fit snugly on most UTV models and roll cages. It typically includes all necessary mounting hardware and wiring, allowing for quick and easy installation. You can adjust the angle and position of the sound bar to ensure that the sweet sound hits just right.

  • Multi-functional Features

Some UTV sound bars come with integrated LED lights to illuminate your path or set a cool vibe. Need a little more visibility inside your ride? Look out for sound bars with dome lights to brighten things up. 

And hey, want to stretch for the sound bar every time you need to adjust the volume or skip a song? That's where remote controls come in handy – switch tracks, adjust the volume, or flip between modes from the comfort of your seat. It's all about making your adventures as smooth as possible!

Rock Your Night Ride: Choosing a Perfect UTV/ATV Sound Bar

  • Sound Quality

When you're picking out a UTV sound bar, make sure it can blast clear, loud tunes that'll stand up to your engine's roar and whatever Mother Nature throws at you. You want a sound bar with sufficient power output, speaker size, and a frequency range to bring out those deep, full vibes. 

  • Bluetooth Capability

You don’t want to fuss with cords or cables when you’re out there tearing up the trails. With Bluetooth sound bars for UTVs, you can seamlessly stream your favorite tunes from your smartphone, tablet, or whatever gadget you've got – all without getting tangled up. 

Plus, it's pretty sweet to be able to pair multiple devices to the same sound bar and switch between them without any hassle.

  • Bass and Woofer Performance

The bass and woofer are responsible for producing low-frequency sounds that add depth and punch to your music. Look for a sound bar that has enough bass output, adequate woofer size, and a bass boost function to create powerful and immersive sound. 

Additionally, verify that the bass and woofer maintain clarity without distortion at high volumes to prevent any crackling or popping sounds.

  • Placement and Compatibility

When shopping for a UTV sound bar, confirm its compatibility with your vehicle model and look for a simple setup. 

Ensure the sound bar's dimensions, weight, power, and mounting options match your UTV's roll bar or cage. A universal model can adapt to most UTVs and includes all necessary mounting hardware and wiring for an easy installation.

Alternatively, you can select a sound bar with adjustable brackets or a quick-clip design for versatile positioning on the roll cage.

  • Connectivity Options

Look beyond the basic Bluetooth feature, select models that offer a range of connectivity options, such as USB ports, or handy aux inputs. These connectivity options allow you to play music from various devices or sources. 

Additionally, opt for a sound bar equipped with a charging port, so you can keep your devices powered up while enjoying your tunes.

  • Waterproof and Durability Features

Check out the waterproof ratings: you want a sound bar that's IPX5 or higher to resist water jets from any direction. 

Get a rugged, well-constructed side-by-side sound bar that won't cry over a few bumps, drops, or those intense vibrations. You need a music buddy that's as hardcore as your adventures!

  • Customer Service

Before you commit to a sound bar, make sure the brand has customer service that actually listens and gets back to you quickly—whether it's over the phone, through email, or live chat. 

You want a team there for you rain or shine because nothing beats having a real person ready to help when you need it most.

Do I Need to Remove the Sound Bar if I’m Going to Ride in Wet, Muddy Conditions?

While most UTV sound bars are designed to be waterproof and durable, they are not indestructible. Riding in wet, muddy conditions can expose your UTV sound bars to moisture, dirt, dust, and debris that can affect their functionality and lifespan.

To prevent this, take precautions before and during your ride. Also, follow care instructions after riding in wet, muddy conditions. Here are some suggestions:

  • Avoid riding in heavy rain or storms that can damage the sound bars or pose a risk to your safety.

  • Cover your UTV sound bars with a waterproof cover or bag to protect them from water splashes, mud splatters, and flying rocks. You can also use a waterproof spray or coating to add an extra layer of protection to your device.

  • After riding, clean your UTV sound bar thoroughly with a damp cloth or sponge to remove any dirt, dust, or mud that may have accumulated on them. Dry it completely with a towel or air dryer before storing it in a cool, dry place.

Final Thoughts

Kemimoto’s dazzling sound bars on the sand

Throughout this blog, we've explored everything from the best UTV sound bars and their features to the benefits of owning one. We've also discussed the key factors you should consider when choosing the best UTV sound bar for your needs and provided installation and usage tips to enhance your experience.

We trust you’ve found this guide helpful and informative. If you have any questions about the KEMIMOTO Midnight sound bar, please check the details now!

Meet your new friends at night, hit play, and let the world hear your fun echoing across the trails and dunes!


1. Are UTV Sound Bars Difficult to Install on My Vehicle?

Installing sound bars is easy, often taking just a few minutes to attach to the vehicle securely. Moreover, UTV sound bars are designed to withstand the rigors of trail riding, ensuring they remain secure through all the bumps and uneven terrain you may encounter.

2. How Hard Is It to Install a Sound Bar on My UTV?

Most UTV soundbars come with universal mounting brackets or clamps suitable for various roll bars or cages. You'll need some basic tools, such as a drill, screwdriver, wrench, and wire stripper.

If you opt for UTV soundbars with a quick-clip design, like KEMIMOTO Midnight 40B sound bars, you can mount them onto your UTV in just a few seconds.

3. How Do I Mount the UTV Sound Bar on My Vehicle?

To mount a UTV sound bar, first, secure the mounting brackets onto your vehicle's roll cage or designated area, then attach the sound bar to the brackets and ensure it's firmly in place. 

4. What Should I Keep in Mind When Using a UTV Soundbar?

  • Respect the environment and other people. You don't want to disturb the wildlife, annoy your neighbors, or get into trouble with the authorities for violating noise ordinances.

  • Ensure your UTV sound bar doesn’t hinder your concentration, visibility, or hearing while driving. Keep the volume at a reasonable level, use hands-free controls if available, and avoid changing songs or settings while moving.  

  • Limit the duration and intensity of your UTV sound bar usage. Prolonged exposure to loud sounds can damage your hearing and cause permanent hearing loss. 

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