7 Best Hunting Accessories for Polaris RZR

Polaris RZR parked on the hunting trail

There are lots of cool add-on accessories you can use to make your Polaris RZR the most valuable tool in your hunting kit. Picking out the best accessories can be a difficult process because there are simply too many options to choose from. 

One thing that you can count on is that the accessories you get from Kemimoto will be of the highest quality and provide the best value. That’s because we only sell accessories we use ourselves. We count on these accessories just as much as you will. Check out this list of the best hunting accessories for your Polaris RZR. 

Best Hunting Accessories for Polaris RZR

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1. Kemimoto UTV Shotgun Holder

Kemimoto UTV Shotgun Holder

Properly storing your shotgun when driving from spot to spot is a necessity. Loose rifles and shotguns can fall and be damaged or even lost. Why take the risk when the solution is simple? The UTV shotgun holder fits on roll bars between 1.75” and 2” in diameter and provides a sturdy, stable way to store your long gun on the Polaris RZR. Our design was created after struggling to find quality mounts. 

We use solid steel to construct the brackets, unlike the plastic that the other guys use. Steel makes our mount stronger and ensures it will last a lifetime. Rubber inserts prevent the steel brackets from scratching or marring the stock and barrel of your long gun. Security straps firmly lock down so you won’t ever worry about your shotgun or rifle coming loose even on the roughest terrain.

The rack works great for other tools like a shovel or a crossbow. This kit includes everything you need to quickly and easily install the brackets on your RZR. 

2. Center Rear View Mirror

Kemimoto Center Rear View Mirror For Hunting

This unique design is the perfect solution for adding a rear-view mirror to your Polaris RZR. The mirror mounts directly to the roll bar, eliminating the straps that other brands use. That means you’ll be able to use your top without clearance issues while still having the ideal placement to provide a full field of view. 

Our mirror uses lightweight aluminum brackets that won’t rust or corrode for a stable fit and features a ball-type swivel that locks in place so your mirror won’t budge. We use a shatter-proof reflective material so you won’t ever worry about accidentally breaking the mirror and cutting someone with broken glass. The angular shape fits perfectly with the design of your RZR for a custom factory look. 

3. Infrared Digital Binoculars

Infrared Digital Binoculars

It is no secret that the best opportunities for hunting happen just after sunrise and just before darkness falls. Unfortunately, the human eye is not very good at spotting objects in near darkness and you have probably had trophy animals walk right past you when the lighting is poor. The simple solution is this amazing pair of infrared binoculars. Using advanced military-grade technology, you’ll be able to see animals in total darkness so you can track them until hunting is permitted. 

The binoculars feature an 8x optical zoom and seven levels of infrared intensity. They also double as a digital camera so you can snap shots of your favorite animals. We include a sturdy carrying case that prevents damage and makes storing the binoculars simple. Requires eight AA batteries or the rechargeable 5v battery bank. 

We are so sure you will love these binoculars that we even include a lifetime warranty. 

4. Hunting Dog Vest

Kemimoto Hunting Dog Vest

Protect your hunting dog from the elements with this awesome camouflage hunting vest for dogs. It is made from a durable neoprene material that dries quickly and keeps dogs warm, even on the coldest mornings. It features special rubber straps with magic tape closures to ensure a snug, slip-free fit. Our design eliminates the possibility of your dog getting snagged on the brush. 

The vest is available in four sizes and provides adjustment in all the right places so you will get a custom fit and your hunting dog will be more comfortable. This lightweight vest comes in reed camouflage to help conceal your hunting dog when in the field. 

5. Tripod Swivel Hunting Chair

Kemimoto Tripod Swivel Hunting Chair for Hunting

The next time you jump in your Polaris RZR and head to your favorite hunting blind or fishing hole, grab this swivel tripod chair and have all-day comfort. The lightweight frame is sturdy and durable. The chair is rated to handle up to 225 pounds. It features adjustable legs so you can compensate for uneven terrain while making sure your chair is level and comfortable. 

The silent swivel design is ideal for tracking prey or just to have a comfortable way to turn without having to get up. It includes a carry bag for convenience and a full one-year warranty to give you peace of mind on your next outdoor adventure. 

6. Kemimoto Double UTV Gun Bag Rack

Kemimoto Double UTV Gun Bag Rack

This double gun bag is the perfect solution to protect your long guns from the elements. It has space enough to fit two rifles or shotguns with additional storage for handguns, magazines, ammunition, and all the other accessories you need when hunting. 

We build this gun bag from a heavy-duty material that resists moisture, dust, and tears. We even use a double coil zipper that effectively seals out the elements so you won’t damage your expensive firearms. The bag uses eight straps with sturdy clips to install on your RZR in just minutes. We even added a layer of padding to the inside to prevent scuffs and scratches. A carry handle makes it a snap to take your gear bag with you once you get to your blind or stand.

7. Kemimoto High-Density Center Seat Bag

Kemimoto High-Density Center Seat Bag for hunting.png

Our center seat bag is one of the most versatile accessories you can add to your RZR before heading out on your next hunt. It mounts quickly and easily to the space between the seats and is custom-fitted for a seamless look. The double coil zipper closure includes oversized toggles to make opening and closing the storage bag simple. The Oxford material is rip-resistant and scratch-proof. 

This storage bag has enough room to keep all the small items that you need safe and secure. In fact, we use it for storing our infrared binoculars, hunting knives, and cell phones so that these valuable and important tools are not damaged or lost. 


Adding Kemimoto accessories to your Polaris RZR is one of the best ways to maximize the utility of these impressive machines. Our add-on parts are built for enthusiasts just like you because we use them ourselves. 

If you are tired of throwing away money on parts and accessories to improve your hunting experience then it is time to step up to Kemimoto and get the quality parts you deserve!

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