Top 10 Must-Have Accessories for Your Harley Sportster S from Kemimoto

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Want to mod your ride? Whether you're enhancing performance, adding comfort, or simply looking to stand out on the road, Kemimoto offers a wide range of accessories specifically designed for your Harley. Here are the top 10 Harley Sportster S accessories from Kemimoto that will take your riding experience to the next level.

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10 Best Accessories for Your Harley Sportster S

1. Motorcycle License Plate Bracket with LED Signal Light

Motorcycle license plate bracket with LED

Give your bike a stylish and functional upgrade with the Motorcycle License Plate Bracket featuring LED Signal Lights. This sleek addition not only keeps your license plate secure but also includes integrated LED lights to keep it illuminated at night. It's the perfect blend of style and practicality, making your Sportster S shine day and night.

Crafted from premium aluminum, this bracket is both durable and lightweight. Your purchase includes a tail light, rack holder, license plate bracket, extension plate, and all the necessary hardware. Get a Motorcycle License Plate Bracket Now.

2. Motorcycle Side License Plate Holder Bracket with LED Light for Sportster S RH1250

Motorcycle side license plate holder bracket

Looking to mod your bike with saddlebags or a rear luggage rack? Then you should definitely relocate your license plate to the side to free up space on the rear fender. In this case, investing in a side-mounted license bracket is worth it.

The Kemimoto Side-Mounted License Plate Bracket comes with a bright LED light that keeps your plate visible for night rides. No need to buy an extra one. Plus, its unique placement gives your bike that custom look that'll definitely turn heads. Get this Motorcycle Side License Plate Holder Bracket Now!

3. Black Passenger Footpeg Mount Kit

Passenger footpeg mount kit

Durable footpegs provide stability and comfort, so you can enjoy the ride just as much as you do. Kemimoto's footpegs come in a cool powder-sprayed black finish that seamlessly blends with your bike's frame while delivering top-notch functionality. Crafted from sturdy Q235 material, they can support up to 440 pounds, ensuring both comfort and safety for your passenger. They are super lightweight with welded hollow circular metal tube designs. Get your Passenger Footpeg Mount Kit now!

4. 11L Leather Saddlebags

Kemimoto saddlebag for Harley

Need extra storage for long rides? The Kemimoto’s Leather Saddlebags for Sportster are stylish and spacious with a roomy main compartment and additional pockets, giving you a handy way to store all your essentials. 

These saddlebags have sturdy buckles or locks to keep your belongings secure even on the bumpiest rides. Besides, the adjustable straps perfectly fit for different motorcycle models. Made from high-quality leather, Kemimoto saddlebags add a classic, timeless look to your Sportster. Get a Kemimoto Leather Saddlebags for your Sportster Now!

5. Motorcycle Fork Handlebar Bag for Harley

Motorcycle fork handlebar bag for Harley Sportster S

Consider a Handlebar Bag for Harley for a quick and easy way to stash your smaller essentials while you ride. Kemimoto’s Handlebar Bags are compact yet surprisingly roomy, measuring 11.02*4.70*7.09. They attach easily to your handlebars, giving you a handy spot for your keys, phone, or wallet.

Made from durable, soft synthetic leather that's simple to maintain, this handlebar bag is also waterproof, keeping your belongings dry no matter the weather. With both a zipper and Velcro flap, it ensures your items stay secure even on the bumpiest rides.

Its flexible string attachment makes it super versatile. It can be easily mounted on the fork, sissy bar, or handlebar. Get a Kemimoto Motorcycle Fork Handlebar Bag for your Harley now!

6. Motorcycle Rear Luggage Rack

Harley Sportster S motorcycle rear luggage rack

Boost your bike's cargo capacity with the Kemimoto Rear Luggage Rack! It's perfect for securing your luggage or gear, making it an ideal companion for long trips or camping adventures. With its lightweight yet sturdy design, it can handle heavy loads without messing up your bike's balance or performance.

Crafted from premium aluminum, it not only does the job but looks fantastic on your Sportster S too. Get this Kemimoto Motorcycle Rear Luggage Rack Right Away!

7. Engine Guard Front Crash Bars for Sportster S RH1250

An engine guard front crash bar

Shield your engine and give your bike a badass look with the Engine Guard Front Crash Bars!  Kemimoto’s crash bars protect your bike in collisions, helping to prevent costly damage to your engine and other critical parts. Plus, they offer a convenient spot for your feet, making your ride more comfortable. These tough, heavy-duty iron bars give your Sportster S a rugged, ready-for-anything vibe. Get Engine Guard Front Crash Bars for Your Harley Now!

8. CNC Foot Rest for Sportster Iron 883 Dyna Softail FLFB FLSTF

CNC foot rest for Sportster

Motorcycle CNC Foot Rest offers superior grip and support while reducing fatigue on those long rough trips. Kemimoto’s CNC Motorcycle footrest is crafted from ultra-tough T7 7075 aluminum alloy, making it rust-proof and capable of supporting over 1322 pounds. 

With 12 teeth on each pedal, they ensure your boots stay secure, even in wet conditions. These footrests are wider and larger than the original Iron 883 pegs and offer 360° rotation for ultimate comfort. Plus, their sleek, high-quality finish perfectly complements your Sportster S. Get a CNC Foot Rest Now!

9. Saddlebag Guards Support Kit for Sportster S 1250 RH1250

Kemimoto Saddlebag Guards Support Kit

Keep your saddlebags from sagging and ensure they stay secure, even on the toughest rides, with saddlebag guards. These guards also offer extra protection against scratches and dings. Kemimoto’s steel saddlebag guards can support up to 22 pounds on each side. Compatible with most saddlebags, they come with nylon zip ties for additional bags, boosting your Sportster S’s carrying capacity.

These guards are durable, scratch-resistant, rust-proof, and incredibly easy to install—no drilling or disassembling required. Their asymmetrical design fits perfectly around the exhaust, adding both function and style. Get Kemimoto’s Saddlebag Guards Support Kit Now!

10. Black Spear Blade Mirrors 

A man riding a Harley Sportster with Kemimoto blade mirrors mounted on the bike

A pair of blade mirrors that not only look slick but also offer a wider field of view, boosting your safety on the road. The matte black spear blade design adds a modern, aggressive flair to your Sportster S. These side mirrors are easy to install and can be mounted either above or below the handlebar. Plus, they adjust 360° so you can find the perfect viewing angle. Get the Spear Blade Mirrors Now! 

Final Thoughts

Ready to take your Harley Sportster S to the next level? Kemimoto’s top-notch accessories have got you covered. From stylish additions like the Black Spear Blade Mirrors to practical upgrades such as the Motorcycle Rear Luggage Rack, each piece is designed to enhance your ride in both form and function. Whether you're gearing up for a long road trip or just looking to add some flair to your daily commute, these must-have accessories will ensure you do it in style and comfort. 

Give your Sportster S the upgrade it deserves and enjoy every moment on the open road!

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