Best Accessories For Polaris General - Our Top 10 List!

Polaris General on the sand

When Polaris put out the General model a couple of years back, they made a huge splash in the industry. This innovative UTV successfully combines the versatility of the Ranger and the power and suspension of the RZR.

Plus, the platform is more than suitable for various conditions, and when you add top-quality General accessories on top, you can take its possibilities even further.

As UTV lovers, our team at Kemimoto loves personalizing our Generals with unique accessories. So, in that spirit, we want to give you 10 of the best Polaris General Accessories on the market today and answer some important questions to go along with it.

Let’s dive in!

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  • Best Accessoriess For Polaris General 

    If you want to optimize your Polaris General experience, customizing your UTV with genuine Polaris General accessories or trusted aftermarket products from Kemimoto's accessories lineup can make a significant difference. 

    Our accessories are designed specifically for the Polaris General, ensuring a seamless fit and optimal performance. Whether you're looking to improve comfort on long rides, keep your Polaris General UTV clean, or enhance its overall capabilities, our Polaris General accessories offer a wide range of options to suit your needs!

    1. Storage Bag For Polaris General 

    Kemimoto Polaris General Durable Storage Bag

    Our Polaris General Center Console Storage Bag is the perfect accessory for added storage in the front compartment. It’s constructed with 1680D fabric, which offers excellent water resistance, scratch resistance, and wear resistance.

    It also comes with double SBS zippers that are waterproof, dust-proof, and mud-proof, effectively safeguarding your items and keeping them dry and clean in the most challenging environments. 

    Designed for convenience, the center console bag also allows access from both sides, so both the driver and passenger can open and close it with ease.

    Installing the center console bag is even easier, thanks to its strong adhesive Velcro design. Simply stick the Velcro in the lower open area of the center console under the dash, and you’re good to go!

    2. Rear Window Windshield For Polaris General  

    Polaris General Protective Rear Windshield from Kemimoto

    The Kemimoto Polaris General Rear Windshield is designed to provide a perfect fit for various Polaris General models, including the Polaris General XP 4 1000, Polaris General XP 1000, Polaris General 4 1000, and the 2016+ Polaris General 1000.

    It’s made from environmentally friendly PC material, which allows for exceptional light transmittance of up to 93% and offers a clear rear view while softening radiation.

    With our rear windshield in place, everyone in the UTV will be shielded from splashing mud and debris, making for a cleaner driving experience. Plus, since it’s constructed from durable polycarbonate, we were able to craft the perfect contour for your UTV without any gaps, delivering a full 360-degree perimeter gasket to prevent the entry of dust, dirt, and water.

    3. PVC Soft Rear Windshield For Polaris General 

    Kemimoto Polaris General PVC Rear Windshield For off-road adventures

    As an alternative, you can also check out our Kemimoto Polaris General PVC Soft Rear Windshield, which is crafted using high-quality PVC film for excellent light transmission.

    Even with its soft design, it effectively keeps dust, mud, and water away from your seating area.

    As with all of our Kemimoto products, convenience is key with this rear windshield. When you don’t want to use it, you can roll it up effortlessly using the top straps, allowing you to let in fresh air during the summer months while also keeping the cab warm during winter rides. 

    Moreover, its lightweight and easy-to-store nature make it a more convenient alternative to traditional glass windshields.

    4. Half Windshield For Polaris General  

    Best Kemimoto Polaris General Half Windshield To Protect Your UTV

    The Polaris General Half Windshield is an ultra-durable and high-performance accessory constructed from superior polycarbonate, offering excellent durability and shock resistance.

    Not only is it one of the strongest windshields we have, but cleaning the windshield is a breeze, requiring only a soft cloth and a gentle basic cleaner to prevent scratches.

    With its environmental-friendly polycarbonate material, it also provides exceptional light transmission of up to 93%, helping to soften radiation, for a clearer and more comfortable driving experience.

    5. Clutch Cover For Polaris General 

    Kemimoto Polaris General Clutch Cover That Help Protect Clutch and Gearbox

    Crafted from high-quality plastic, our Polaris General Clutch Cover boasts exceptional durability with both impact and corrosion resistance. No matter what harsh environments you find yourself in, it stays reliable.

    A quality clutch cover can provide you with enhanced clutch and gearbox protection. By preventing foreign debris from entering, you can extend the lifespan of these crucial components. 

    There’s nothing quite like driving with extra protection to enjoy peace of mind.

    To make things better, installing our clutch cover is a hassle-free process. No drilling is required! Simply place it in the original position and you’re good to go!

    6. Electric Device Tablet Holder For Polaris General 

    Kemimoto Polaris General Electric Device Tablet Holder holds your phones and laptop securely

    Want to bring your smartphone along with you for the ride?

    Our Kemimoto Polaris General Electric Device Tablet Holder is the perfect accessory for the job! Designed with an adjustable clamp to securely hold most tablets and smartphones, you get a reliable and stable fixation during your rides.

    It comes with a hidden 0.75-gallon storage box for storing personal items, and is constructed from high-quality HDPE material for durability and impact resistance/

    Best of all, the installation process is simple and convenient, requiring no drilling or modifications. Simply follow the included instructions, remove the storage compartment and the top of the original dashboard, replace it with the Kemimoto storage rack, and secure it with the bolts. It takes less than a minute!

    7. Upper Doors For Polaris General 

    Kemimoto Polaris General Upper Doors

    Our Kemimoto General Upper Doors are designed to enhance your UTV experience in all seasons, offering sun and rain protection during the summer months, and wind, snow, and cold protection during winter rides. 

    If you need of ventilation, simply roll up the transparent film to enjoy some fresh air!

    They’re constructed from quality PVC fabric and can withstand various weather conditions, offering high durability, scratch resistance, and abrasion resistance, for long-lasting performance.

    The best thing about these upper doors is that they can be opened or closed within seconds, allowing you to quickly adapt to changing weather conditions. 

    8. Vented Full Windshield For Polaris General 

    Polaris General Vented Full Windshield

    If you want to take advantage of clear vision while driving your UTV, check out the Kemimoto Polaris General Vented Full Windshield

    Made from environmentally friendly PC material, it delivers 93% light transmittance for a crystal-clear view of your surroundings. Plus, as with our other windshields, it helps soften radiation for even better visibility on the road.

    We’ve constructed the windshield from durable polycarbonate to withstand tough conditions, adding an extra layer of protection to ensure scratch resistance and safeguard your UTV while driving through dense forests or desert terrains.

    Plus, in just a few minutes, you can have it securely in place. Simply position the windshield accessories on the roll bar and rotate the clamps!

    9. Oxford Fabric Roof  For Polaris General 

    Kemimoto Polaris General Oxford Fabric Roof safeguarding your vehicle

    To protect your UTV and keep it clean, you need a Kemimoto Polaris General Oxford Fabric Roof

    Our roof provides ample shade coverage, safeguarding your vehicle from the elements, and allowing you to spend more time enjoying your UTV adventures and less time worrying about cleaning it after the fact.

    It uses a zippered sunroof design, for added versatility, allowing you to enjoy the open sky and let fresh air in whenever you please.

    On top of that, it’s crafted from 1680D Oxford cloth, meaning it’s built to last.

    10. Front Upper Bumper For Polaris General 

    Polaris General Front Upper Bumper from Kemimoto is durable and robust

    If you want to give your General better protection, check out the Kemimoto UTV Polaris General Front Bumper, which offers robust protection against obstacles encountered on challenging rocky terrains, preventing nasty damage from impacts. 

    It uses high-quality steel for exceptional resistance against scratches and rust, and installation is a breeze.

    The whole package includes a complete set of the Kemimoto front bumper, along with all the necessary hardware for installation.

    Accessorize Your Polaris General Now!

    Polaris General Parked in Desert

    There’s no better way to enhance the performance of your Polaris General than with some top-notch accessories.

    Here at Kemimoto, we make aftermarket UTV accessories that are designed to elevate your off-road experience, so make sure to check out our carefully curated selection of the best accessories for your Polaris General. 


    • What is the Polaris general good for?

    The Polaris General is a versatile off-road vehicle, great for a wide range of activities. Whether trail riding, working, hunting, fishing, or exploring the outdoors, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the Polaris General.

    • Can you put tracks on a Polaris General?

    Yes, it’s possible to install tracks on a Polaris General. We’re huge fans of tracks, as they can be great if you plan on using your UTV in snow, mud, or other challenging terrains where traditional tires may struggle to provide sufficient traction.

    • Can you add a ride command to a Polaris General UTV?

    Absolutely! The Ride Command is a state-of-the-art GPS nav and infotainment system offered by Polaris, delivering a wide range of features to enhance the overall riding experience.

    • How much horsepower does a Polaris General have?

    The Polaris General’s horsepower can vary depending on the specific model and engine configuration. The 2023 XP, for example, has an ultra-responsive engine with 100 horsepower. 

    • How much weight can a Polaris General pull?

    The Polaris General’s towing capacity varies depending on the specific model and configuration. However, on average, these models typically range from 1,100 pounds to 1,500 pounds.

    Polaris General XP 1000 has a 600 lb dumping cargo box, and an 1100 lb payload capacity, and it can tow 1,500 lb.

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