20 Must-Have Boat Accessories: Sail with Style & Convenience!

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Whether you're setting sail for a leisurely cruise or embarking on an exhilarating fishing expedition, decking out your boat with the right accessories can make all the difference. We’ve got a list of 20 must-have boat accessories that every captain should think about. These essentials will not only pump up the fun but also keep you ready for whatever comes your way on the wide-open sea. 

So, let's get into it and outfit your vessel with these 20 top-notch boat must-haves that every sailor needs!

20 Cool Boat Gadgets and Must-Haves

1. Life Jackets (PFDs)

No matter how experienced you are, life jackets (or Personal Flotation Devices - PFDs) are essential for everyone aboard. Check that they comply with U.S. Coast Guard standards and fit each person properly. Safety isn't just about following the rules – it's about coming home to tell the tale.

2. Fenders and Dock Line

Kemimoto’s upgraded boat fender protects the boat from scratches and marks

Protecting your boat's finish as you dock is crucial. Fenders absorb shocks while dock lines secure your vessel, preventing any unwanted scratches or damage. Think of them as insurance for your boat's sleek exterior. 

Kemimoto's brand-new EVA boat fender features a smart and convenient lock design that keeps it securely in place—preventing it from drifting off. The fender is flat, incredibly resilient, and stretchy, making it ideal for shock absorption. Plus, it's lightweight and easy to handle. 

Our new fender can endure extreme cold, withstanding temperatures down to -70°C without any issues. Moreover, it's resistant to corrosion, chemicals, and even bacteria, all the while being eco-friendly. When you're done with it, disposing of it won't harm our planet. We aren't playing around, and we're pushing the envelope for industry standards. Stay tuned and keep an eye out for our upcoming new releases!

Get a EVA boat fender Now. 

3. Beach Anchor for Boats 

Kemimoto’s stainless steel boat anchor keeps your boat in place

A reliable beach anchor holds your craft steady, allowing you to savor the shoreline without fretting over your boat drifting away. Kemimoto’s jet ski anchor is a real champ—it sticks to its spot even when the waves get wild, thanks to its smart hollow design and tough stainless steel. Plus, you just step on it to set it up, and it tucks away in its own bag. Easy-peasy! 

Get a Beach Anchor Now. 

4. PWC Jet Ski Foldable Bumpers 

Kemimoto’s foldable bumpers protect your boat against bumps and scrapes

For jet ski enthusiasts, foldable bumpers are your best defense against docks and other watercraft. They're easy to store and even easier to deploy, offering protection when you need it most. Just pump them up, attach them with the included nylon rope, and your boat's safe from bumps and scrapes. They are suitable for boats ranging from 25 to 35 feet, and we recommend using one every 10 feet. When you're done, just deflate for easy storage. Tough PVC means these foldable bumpers last too! 

Get Jet Ski Foldable Bumpers.

5. Boat Rear Mirror

KEMIMOTO’s rearview mirror for the boat

Maintain full awareness with a rear mirror, keeping an eye on everything happening behind your boat. It's not just helpful; it’s a critical safety measure for those piloting their vessels alone or pulling water-skiers and tubers.

Kemimoto’s rearview boat mirrors feature a solid aluminum clamp that won't rust and offers a tight grip. Plus, you can swivel it any which way for the best view. The stainless steel pole lets you see way more, and it's a breeze to install on most railings. 

Get a Boat Rear Mirror for Your Boat.

6. Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers/Sound Bar 

KEMIMOTO Waterproof Midnight sound bar for UTVs, ATVs, and marine boat

Music on the water creates an ambiance, but electronics and water don't usually mix. With Kemimoto’s waterproof Bluetooth speakers or sound bars, you can enjoy your favorite playlists without risking your gear to the elements. 

Moreover, the KEMIMOTO Midnight soundbar with colorful lights that sync to the music is like a party upgrade for your boat! It creates an awesome vibe, and watching those lights dance along to your favorite beats is super fun. 

Get Waterproof Speakers/Sound Bars

7. Boat Flag with Pole

Kemimoto’s boat flag for a safe trip

A boat flag is more than just decoration; it's a potential lifesaver. In distress, it acts as a visual signal, alerting others that you need assistance. Ensure it's in a visible location, and know the proper signals for your area.

Get our boat flag with a super adjustable clamp and an extendable pole that goes from 11.8 to 48 inches high! It's made of sturdy aluminum, perfect for all your water fun without drooping. 

Get a Boat Flag.

8. Marine-Grade Ligh Bars 

Kemimoto’s marine-grade waterproof light bars

When darkness falls, marine-grade light bars are your beacon in the night. Illuminate your path and ensure you are visible to other boats, doubling as a form of visual distress signal if needed.

Get Marine-Grade Ligh Bars

9. Bimini Top

Kemimoto’s 3 Bow Bimini Top for boat

The sun can be relentless out on the open water. A Bimini top provides much-needed shade, offering comfort and UV protection for you and your passengers.

Kemimoto’s bimini top cover is exceptionally tough, water and UV-resistant, ensuring it won't fade. It's got sturdy straps and poles to weather any sea storm. It folds down in a snap, installs easily, and remember to fold it if you're speeding over 45 mph! 

Get a Bimini Top

10. Kayak/Canoe Sunshade Canopy

Kemimoto’s KayakCanoe Sunshine Canopy 

For kayak or canoe anglers, a sunshade canopy is a must-have fishing boat accessory. Not only does it shield you from the sun's rays, but it also allows you to stay on the water longer, increasing your chances of a great catch.

Take a look at Kemimoto’s kayak shade kit, complete with all the fixings and a wrench. It's sturdy, fade-proof, and stands up to wind. It'll save your skin from the sun and rain. Easy to set up, waterproof, UV-protected, and in cool khaki or beige. It's roomy and totally rainproof—paddle on without worry! 

Get a Kayak/Canoe Sunshade Canopy.

11. Portable Fridge

Kemimoto’s App-controlled portable fridge for boat

Keep your snacks cool and your fish fresh with a portable fridge. This is another must-have fishing accessory and is particularly important for long days on the water or when the catch of the day needs to stay chilled.

Check out our Kemimoto Mini Fridge with a whopping 15,600 mAh battery—take it boating, fishing, or camping to keep things chilled for hours! It's solar-ready, super-efficient, quiet, and fits snugly on your boat. Plus, you get all cables, a two-year warranty, and our support anytime, anywhere! 

Get a Portable Fridge. 

12. Cup Holder

Kemimoto’s cup holder for boat

There’s nothing worse than a spilled beverage in choppy waters. Invest in cup holders to keep your drinks secure, so you can focus on steering instead of saving your soda.

Grab our upgraded Kemimoto cup holder for your boat: larger, with a handy bag, and accommodating for large drinks. It's got an aluminum foil lining for temperature control, a tough alligator clamp that won't scratch, and an adjustable drawstring to snugly fit your favorite beverages up to 32oz. 

Get a Cup Holder. 

13. Boat Caddy Organizer Cup Holder

Kemimoto’s fishing boat seat cup holder that always keeps your boat tidy

Organization is key to maintaining a tidy deck. A fishing boat caddy organizer not only holds your drinks but also keeps small essentials orderly and within reach.

Keep your fishing boat neat with Kemimoto’s caddy! It holds your drinks, phone, keys, and even fishing lures. Super sturdy, it screws in—no wimpy suction cups here. You can also mount it using hook-and-loop tape. It comes with all the fixings you need for a solid setup. 

Get a Boat Caddy Organizer Cup Holder.

14. Portable Waterproof Trash Can

Kemimoto’s boat trash can storage bag

Being a responsible boater means keeping our waterways free of litter. Portable waterproof trash can help you manage waste efficiently, preserving the marine environment for future enjoyment. Check out the KEMIMOTO boat trash can; it’s got a removable bag—just yank and dump! It features a nifty cross-top lid to trap odors, tough 600D Oxford fabric to handle the elements, and a sleek design to fit right in. 

Get a KEMIMOTO Portable Waterproof Trash Can.

15. Fishfinder

A fishfinder for your boat is like having underwater X-ray vision; it helps you locate fish quickly, saving time and upping your chances of a good catch. It also maps out the underwater terrain, letting you avoid hazards and find the best fishing spots. Plus, with a fishfinder, you can track water depth and temperature, which are key to finding different fish species.

16. Inflatable Paddle Board

An inflatable paddle board is super convenient for boaters—it's compact when deflated, so it won't take up precious space on your boat. Once you're anchored, just pump it up and you've got yourself a floating playground to explore the waters around you. Plus, they're sturdy and stable, making them great for everyone, whether you're into a leisurely paddle or some serious SUP workouts.

17. VHF Radio

Having a VHF radio on your boat is like carrying a lifeline to the outside world—it's crucial for emergencies when you need to call for help. It's not just for SOS calls; you can also get weather updates and chat with nearby boaters, making it a must-have for staying in the know while you're out on the water. Plus, in some busy waterways, it's how you keep in touch with harbor masters, and bridge operators, and follow maritime rules of the road.

18. Basic First Aid Kit

You never know when someone might take a tumble or get a nasty cut while boating, so having a basic first aid kit onboard is a no-brainer—it's all about being prepared for those little accidents. Plus, it's not like you can just run to the nearest drugstore in the middle of the lake, right?

19. Fire Extinguisher

Fires can happen anywhere, even on the water, so keeping a fire extinguisher on your boat is key to nipping those flames in the bud before they ruin your day—or worse. It's one of those things you hope to never use, but you'll sure be glad to have it if a fire ever breaks out on the deck!

20. Registration and Documentation

You have to keep your boat's registration and documentation handy—it's like the boat's driver's license, proving you're legit to the water patrol if they stop you for a check. No one wants to be stuck explaining themselves out on the water without their papers—it's just asking for a headache!

Feel at Ease with Kemimoto Boat Gear!

Kemimoto Boat Gear

We understand that your boat is more than just a vessel—it's a vehicle for adventure and a place where memories are made. By equipping your boat with these 20 essentials, you're setting the stage for countless journeys and dream experiences on the water. Embrace safety, comfort, and convenience with the right gear, and redefine what it means to explore the high seas.

Whether you're zooming along, cruising steady, docking, or anchored up, we've got all the high-quality boat gear you need to make your time on the water a blast. Feel at Ease - with our comprehensive, easy-to-install, top-notch boat gear, you can hang out at the marina, go waterskiing, or fishing, or enjoy a day of boating with total peace of mind.

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