10 Best Accessories For Polaris Sportsman!

A man riding an ATV in the mud and Kemimoto offers excellent Polaris Sportsman accessories to complete your journey of dreams

The Polaris Sportsman is a versatile machine that is perfect for any outdoor adventure. You can make your Polaris Sportsman uniquely your own and add lots of functionality with the top accessories from Kemimoto. We sell the best add-ons that open up possibilities for storage, safety, and performance and a full range of parts to outfit your Polaris Sportsman just the way you want it. 

Today, we will share our best-selling and most-popular accessories. These are items that hundreds of our customers have found to be useful and worth the money. We give you a description of the part, tell you what it takes to install, and let you know why people find these accessories to be awesome. 

Top 10 Polaris Sportsman Accessories

    1. Upgraded ATV Tie Down Anchors

    Kemimoto ATV tie-down anchors fit Sportsman 570850 570 SP Hunter EditionSportsman XP 1000

    Replace wimpy or missing anchors in the bed of your Polaris Sportsman or similar ATV with these upgraded tie-down anchors. These install through a one-inch hole and are secured in place with the eyelet. The rubber brace provides impact reduction to reduce damage to your ATV while ensuring a slip-free fit. 

    Installation takes minutes and can be done with simple hand tools. Our customers tell us that these anchors are far superior to any others on the market and provide strong tie-down points.

    2. 7-inch Tempered Glass Security Screen

    Kemimoto’s Polaris Sportsman Tempered Glass Security Screen

    There’s nothing worse than an errant rock popping up and cracking the screen on your Polaris Sportsman’s display. This tempered glass screen protector is the answer and it offers top-notch safety for your display. 

    Installation is simple: just clean the screen with the included wipes, remove the protective cover, and gently press it into place. After pressing out any air bubbles, peel off the outer cover and you are done. 

    One of the very first customers who bought this had broken their screen the week before and wanted to get a little protection. We spoke recently and the cover is still in place and has not broken, despite being used regularly. 

    3. Gear Shift Lever For Polaris Sportsman

    Kemimoto offers durable and comfortable gear shift lever for Polaris Sportsman

    The gear shift lever in your stock Polaris is uncomfortable, or maybe it got damaged -even chewed on by a dog. No worries, this Kemimoto replacement gear shift handle is more comfortable to use than the original. It is made from injection-molded plastic to provide UV resistance. 

    Installation couldn’t be any easier. Simply remove the original screws and lever and replace it with this much-improved design. Our customers say this one lasts longer and fits better in the hand for more positive shifts. 

    4. Fender Flares For Polaris Sportsman

    A man riding an ATV with Kemimoto’s fender flare for Polaris Sportsman

    Sometimes referred to as mudguard extensions, these Polaris Sportsman fender flares are an excellent investment in protecting yourself and other riders from flying rocks, mud, and debris. They are made from impact-resistant plastic and are molded for a perfect, custom fit. 

    The flares have pre-drilled holes for the follower bolts, so installation is literally a snap. Pop the fender flares on in a matter of minutes, and you are off and riding. Our customers tell us that the quality of craftsmanship on these fender flares is superior to other designs which tend to have misaligned holes or don’t fit right. Ours line up perfectly with the fender for a smooth and simple installation. 

    5. Front Bumper For Polaris Sportsman

    A man riding an ATV accessorized with Kemimoto’s front bumper

    Riding through brush, forests, or in rock piles? Of course, you are, that’s what you got your Sportsman for in the first place. Add a stout front bumper to that animal of an ATV and have no fear of breaking body panels or damaging your vehicle in rough terrain. 

    Unlike other designs, our Polaris Sportsman front bumper is made from sturdy black powder-coated steel and provides coverage for the headlights and front end. We include all of the hardware to mount the new bumper. Best of all, it is designed to fit flawlessly on your Sportsman. 

    Our customers told us this was a great-looking bumper, but it was one of our own employees who said this bumper saved him hundreds in repairs during a particularly rough ride. 

    6. Heavy-duty Drive Belts

    Kemimoto’s upgrade drive belt for Polaris Sportsman models

    Nothing ruins a fun day faster than a snapped belt. Upgrade that weak factory design to this one from Kemimoto and have less to worry about. Our belt uses a combination of high-quality rubber and aramid fibers to provide a stretch-resistant belt that is impervious to chemicals, UV rays, and other damage. The unique design ensures less wear and more reliable performance. 

    It installs easily and requires no additional parts. We got a thumbs up from a father and son who decided to upgrade the belts just before a long trip last winter. The belts held up in snow and ice and had no signs of wear even in the summer when the pair headed for the high desert. 

    7. OEM-quality Drive Belts

    Kemimoto provides quality and stretch-resistant Polaris Sportsman drive belt

    We call these OEM-Quality belts, but they are actually much better. They feature many of the same improvements as our heavy-duty belts and make an excellent and affordable backup to have on hand in case your belt breaks or deforms. 

    The special manufacturing process we use results in a Polaris Sportsman belt the same size as the original, but one that resists tears, cuts, and chemicals and won’t deform over time. One of our regulars said these belts are a great, cheap backup plan and work excellent as a simple upgrade, especially for ATVs with larger tires.

    8. Battery Relocation Kit Fit Polaris Sportsman

    Polaris Sportsman battery relocation kit from Kemimoto

    Move your battery to a safer spot and lock it up with this simple-to-use Polaris Sportsman battery relocation kit. It includes positive and negative wires and all of the necessary hardware to quickly and easily reposition the battery to a new spot where it won’t get damaged. 

    You’ll need some basic hand tools to remove the original battery and install the new battery tray, but our detailed instructions make the process safe and simple. Our customers say the heavy-duty construction of the battery tray was a selling point and the size is perfect to use with a battery box so you won’t worry about your battery being stolen. 

    9. Front Storage Rack Latch For Polaris Sportsman

    Front storage rack latch for Polaris Sportsman from Kemimoto

    The front storage latch is one of the most frequently-broken items on any Polaris Sportsman. Our design fits and works as original, but is made from superior materials to make it longer-lasting. It installs in place of the factory latch and includes a variety of receivers to ensure a proper fit on different models. We heard that these latches are popular with hard-core riders because they are less likely to come apart. 

    10. Seat Covers For Polaris Sportsman

    Kemimoto’s Polaris Sportsman durable, waterproof seat cover that provides a comfortable seating position.png

    Cover up that worn and ratty original seat with this leather-look seat cover from Kemimoto. This slipcover installs over the original using the original mounting system. It is resistant to tears, scratches, and fading, and won’t wrinkle up like those cheap seat covers. It is designed to be more comfortable, provide a better seating position, and last forever. 


    The list of excellent accessories for the Polaris Sportsman is a mile long and it could take a long time to sort through and find just what you need. At Kemimoto, we are dedicated to making sure that you get the most out of your ATV experience. 

    We only sell the parts we use. We always include detailed instructions and even provide them online so you can look the guide over before you buy so you know what to do. If you are ever in doubt, give us a call and our friendly customer service staff will figure out the best solution for you. 

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. How do I know it will fit?

    Each of our products includes a comprehensive list of makes and models it will fit. If you are in doubt, our customer service can help.

    2. Is it hard to install accessories on my Polaris?

    Most accessories are easy to install on Polaris ATVs. We try to provide as much detail as possible so you will know how to install your favorite accessories.

    3. What happens if I have a problem or need to return something?

    Kemimoto is dedicated to providing the industry’s best customer service. We offer an industry-leading return policy and a refund guarantee. 

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