10 Best Accessories For Polaris Ranger

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As you embark on your adventure with a brand new Polaris Ranger, you’ll no doubt feel the anticipation of boundless outdoor enjoyment. However, a completely standard vehicle may not always fulfill all your requirements. In fact, many Polaris Ranger lovers find that the addition of a few carefully selected Polaris Ranger accessories significantly enhances their performance.

If you're looking to optimize the initial efforts of the team over at Polaris factory, then you’ve come to the right place. As a leader in aftermarket UTV and ATV parts and accessories, our team at Kemimoto wants to present you with our list of the top 10 most sought-after Polaris Ranger accessories thus far. Let’s dive in!

  • Best Accessories For Polaris Ranger 
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  • Best Accessories For Polaris Ranger 

    1. Cargo Box For Polaris Ranger 

    Polaris Ranger Cargo Box from Kemimoto

    If you want to unlock the full potential of your UTV's bed space, check out the Kemimoto UTV bed box, which offers ample storage for tools, snacks, and more. 

    Its versatile placement allows you to position the storage box on either the left or right side, providing abundant room for all your trip essentials.

    Plus, since it’s engineered with a waterproof rubber ring, you get excellent sealing performance, preventing the storage box from accidentally falling open or filling up with water on a rain or snow-soaked adventure. 

    The cargo box is super easy to install with its quick-mount pegs, removing the need for tools or additional hardware!

    2. Seat Cover For Polaris Ranger 

    Kemimoto Polaris Ranger Seat Cover

    Want to protect your seats better?

    If so, check out our Kemimoto Seat Covers, designed exclusively for Polaris XP 1000 models. 

    While we have plenty of options available, two of the most popular include the Polaris Ranger Camo Seat Cover and the Polaris Ranger Waterproof Seat Cover.

    Crafted from heavy-duty nylon materials, these covers offer exceptional water resistance and scratch resistance. 

    The Camouflage Design, in particular, adds that cool factor to your rides, making it an ideal companion for hunting expeditions!

    Overall, you get a custom-like fit with the elastic hem and attachment system of these seat covers, allowing you to effortlessly install them onto your seats and secure them using the provided strips. 

    3. Side Mirrors For Polaris Ranger 

    Kemimoto Polaris Ranger side mirrors

    If you want to enhance your side visibility, consider installing Polaris Ranger side mirrors. 

    Two of our most popular products include our wider UTV Mirrors and our Polaris Ranger 500/570/900 Side Mirrors.

    You get an expanded field of vision with the 4.7” x 8.3” UTV side mirrors, while the convex mirror shape further widens your perspective compared to traditional flat mirrors. The same goes for our other side mirrors, which provide a 7.5” x 6.1” extended view. 

    The ball joint structure on each enables you to find the optimal angle for your needs, perfect for situations where branches or obstacles obstruct your path, as you can simply fold the mirrors inward to avoid potential damage.

    4. Rear View Mirrors For Polaris Ranger

    Polaris Ranger rear view mirrors from Kemimoto

    Extend your hindsight with a quality rear view mirror. 

    Our Mirror Fit Polaris Ranger Rear View Mirror comes with 360° rotation capability, thanks to its ball-joint design, allowing you to loosen the thumb screw and adjust the mirror to your preferred angle. 

    You get a secure and height-adjustable design, high-impact ABS housing with shatter-proof tempered glass, and a generous expanded field of view with dimensions of 10" x 4.7".

    Another one of our upgraded Polaris Ranger rear view mirrors goes up to 10.5” in width for one of the widest views available in our lineup!

    5. Under-Seat Dry Storage Box For Polaris Ranger 

    Kemimoto Polaris Ranger under-seat storage box

    If you to protect and secure your belongings on offroad adventures, get yourself an under-seat storage box. 

    Our Ranger Under Seat Storage Box is specifically designed to perfectly fit the Polaris Ranger XP 1000 (2018-2022) model, boasting a durable, waterproof design. 

    You can upgrade even further with our 45L version!

    Not only do these boxes provide optimal storage for your essentials, but they also maximize the utilization of the space beneath the seat.

    6. LED Headlight Bulb For Polaris Ranger 

    Kemimoto’s LED Headlight Bulb on Polaris Ranger

    The Polaris Ranger LED Headlight Bulb is renowned for its exceptional brightness and durability. 

    With an IP65 waterproof rating, the H13 LED headlight bulb operates flawlessly even in adverse weather conditions, and features reinforced rotating buckles with a red rubber gasket, ensuring secure installation within the lampshade. 

    Kemimoto has upgraded to the Ranger 20W LED headlight bulbs equipped with advanced CSP1919 chips, delivering brighter high and low beams compared to standard H13 LEDs.

    As always, installation is a breeze, as no modifications are required!

    7. Whip Light Mount For Polaris Ranger 

    Kemimoto Polaris Ranger whip light mount

    Ensuring your visibility to other riders is crucial, which is why installing a flag or whip light on your machine is a great idea.

    Of course, finding the ideal location for installation can be challenging, which is where Kemimoto UTV flag mounts are handy. These offer a unique solution for securely mounting your whip or flag light in any spot on your Polaris Ranger.

    Constructed from high-quality aluminum, our Kemimoto flag mounts undergo precision CNC cutting, resulting in a flawless finish and secure attachment for long-lasting use.

    8. Windshield Wiper Washer Kit For Polaris Ranger

    Ensure a clear view even in challenging weather or terrain conditions with the Universal UTV Windshield Wiper Kit.

    Equipped with a 16" soft rubber blade, this wiper kit glides smoothly while minimizing noise, providing silent wiping performance in rainy and snowy weather.

    Crafted from UV-protected rubber, the wiper blade is highly durable, and installation is hassle-free. Even if you need to drill a 1/2-inch hole in your windshield for mounting, it's a simple plug-and-play process after the fact. 

    Luckily, it’s designed to mount on hard-coated polycarbonate or glass windshields, providing universal compatibility.

    9. Windshield Wiper For Polaris Ranger 

    Kemimoto Polaris Ranger durable windshield wiper

    Our manual Universal Wiper Kit is designed to fit a wide range of UTV models, including the Polaris Ranger 900, RZR 900, Honda Pioneer 1000, and Can-Am. 

    With a 16" rubber blade and a total length of 18" from the center to the wiper's end, it provides effective coverage.

    As with our electric kit, this kit is compatible with hard-coated polycarbonate or glass windshields, ensuring a secure and reliable installation.

    You’ll be happy to know that our wipers are tested carefully to withstand the elements, so you don’t have to worry about rust or heavy wear.

    10. Bluetooth Sound Bar For Polaris Ranger

    Kemimoto Bluetooth sound bar for Polaris Ranger

    What could be better than enjoying your favorite tunes on your offroad adventure?

    Constructed from high-quality aluminum, our Bluetooth soundbar is the perfect piece of durable tech to do so!

    With a round design and premium materials, you get supreme durability, allowing for long-term use even in unfavorable weather conditions. Our soundbar is IPX65 certified, providing resistance against water, wind, and dust.

    It also features a universal mounting system, offering effortless installation, thanks to the roll cages for easy mounting. Additionally, the pack includes adjustable mounting hardware, allowing you to customize the space according to your specific needs.

    Equipped with Bluetooth capability, a USB output, and a 3.5mm jack, this Bluetooth-enabled UTV soundbar enables seamless streaming of your favorite playlists, no matter your device!


    UTV Driver with Helmet and Goggles

    Now that you have insights from our expert recommendations, you’re ready to embark on the exciting journey of customizing your rig! 

    Don’t see what you need on our list? 

    Explore our wide range of Polaris Ranger accessories and we guarantee you’ll find something to your liking! 

    On top of that, Father’s Day is around the corner. Happy Father's Day To All Dads!

    And grab the chance to get 15% off for these best Polaris Ranger accessories and more at Kemimoto! These accessories will be the most remarkable gifts for you and your UTV and ATV-loving dad!

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